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Can the D.C. Fire and EMS Department Ever Be Fixed?

Earlier this month, District firefighters’union president Ed Smith did something he hadn’t done in a while: He felt good about the District’s fire chief.
Well, the District’s almost fire chief. Kenneth Ellerbe, the embattled head of the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, is still in charge after his announcement earlier this month [...]

Alexander: Ellerbe Promised No Ward 7 Bid

While embattled fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe announced only last night that he'll retire in July, District wags have long been considering one option for the soon-to-be-ex-chief: a run at the Ward 7 seat held by Councilmember Yvette Alexander.
The idea that Ellerbe would run for office in his ward has been around for a while. Anti-violence activist Ron Moten, who unsuccessfully ran against Alexander [...]

Morning Links

Vince Gray says Secret Service road closures are "paralyzing" the District. [NBC 4, Times, Post]
D.C. Council passes marijuana decriminalization bill. [Post, Times, WBJ, WAMU]
How to smoke (almost) legally once the decriminalization bill becomes law. [LL]
David Catania's D.C. Promise bill passes the Council. [Post]
Compare where the mayoral hopefuls stand on issues. [Post]
Gray lands Chamber of Commerce endorsement. [LL, Post]
Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander caucuses [...]

Wells Calls on Deputy Mayor, Fire Chief To Resign

As the chairman of the D.C. Council's public safety committee, mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells knows better than most about the myriad scandals in the District's Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department. But unlike colleagues David Grosso and Mary Cheh, though, Wells hadn't called for fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe's resignation up to now.
Following yesterday's hearing on Medric Mills' death, though, Wells [...]

Morning Links

D.C. TAG scholarship fund can't account for millions. [Post]
Muriel Bowser campaign accused of using kids' pictures without permission. [Post]
Bowser leads the latest mayoral power rankings. [LL]
The ups and downs of Vince Gray's first term in business. [Post]
Fire department hearing lead by Tommy Wells set for this afternoon. [Times]
Why isn't fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe in the Medric Mills death report? [Statter911]
Bowser hits Metro over [...]

Morning Links

Mayor Vince Gray set to announce CFO Natwar Gandhi's replacement today. [NBC 4]
The Post says Phoenix CFO Jeffrey DeWitt will be named D.C.'s next chief financial officer. [Post]
Gray has a plan to avoid a shutdown of the D.C. government. [LL, Times, Post]
D.C. can't find apartments for homeless families. [Housing Complex]
Fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe won't be charged for allegedly grabbing an employee's phone. [...]

Morning Links

Confessed shadow campaign operative Vernon Hawkins also had a role in the budget for the legitimate campaign to elect Mayor Vince Gray. [LL]

Applications to raze Skyland are filed. [WBJ]
But don't expect bulldozers soon. [Housing Complex]
Post ed board backs fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe. [Post]
Living wage bill, housing policies are conflicting for Gray, writes Courtland Milloy. [Post]
Councilmembers, mayor rally for statehood before March [...]

Morning Links

Fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe denies grabbing a firefighter's phone. [Post, LL]
The aggrieved firefighter files a police report anyway, saying Ellerbe hurt his hand. [Post]
Gray administration likes DDOT's decision on the M Street NW bike lane. [WAMU]
D.C. looks for an architect for Martin Luther King Jr. Library. [Post]
Courtland Milloy writes about Ron Moten's new book: "What kind of street dude [...]

Fire Department Investigating Chief’s Alleged Phone Grab

Today brings still more laugh-or-you'll-cry news about the District's Fire and EMS Department. While the Metropolitan Police Department investigates why two ambulances caught fire last Wednesday (internal reports blame shoddy maintenance), the fire department has started its own investigation into whether Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe took a firefighter's cell phone without his permission.
The dispute started at [...]

Deputy Mayor Won’t Rule Out Sabotage in Ambulance Fires

Relations between fire department brass and the rank-and-file are so bad that Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander has called in the police.
Quander has asked the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate whether anything "untoward" lead to two ambulances catching fire yesterday. Speaking to reporters this morning, Quander poked around the possibility of intradepartment sabotage without [...]