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Fire Proof

Mayor Vince Gray has not been shy about firing high-ranking officials when they become inconvenient. The mayor’s former chief of staff, Gerri Mason Hall, was gone after only three months, forced to take the fall for hiring little-supported-mayoral-candidate-turned-FBI-witness Sulaimon Brown. Former Department of Employment Services Director Rochelle Webb was shown the door a few months [...]

IG Report Faults Reserve Fleet Data

A newly public report by the Office of the Inspector General shows that Fire Department Chief Ken Ellerbe was potentially alerted to the fact that his department had faulty information about the department's reserve fleet a day before Ellerbe and his deputies presented that faulty reserve fleet information to a D.C. Council committee.
On Feb. 19, [...]

Mystery Deputy Fire Chief Blamed for Faulty Reserve Fleet Info

In case you missed it, Fox5's Paul Wagner reported yesterday on the firefighter union's claims that Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe had submitted faulty information to the D.C. Council about the state of the department's fire trucks. The union says several of the trucks Ellerbe told the Council were part of the department's reserve fleet had [...]

Fire Department Puts on Its Brave Face

Citizens of the District of Columbia: There is nothing wrong with your fire department's ability to provide ambulances to take the sick or injured to the hospital. Or at least that was the message top fire officials and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander were selling at a news conference today.
The conference came after [...]

Shorter Firefighters Shifts Still a Ways Off, Like Maybe Forever

One of the lone bits of non-Sandy D.C. news today was the Washington Times' story about an arbitrator finding that Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe had retaliated against fire union boss Ed Smith.
Retaliating public safety bosses is old hat in D.C., so the chances of this story going anywhere are slim. But it did remind LL [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Freeze Or I’ll Spray Edition

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All Eyes on Alexander

Christopher Barry Arrested on Drug Charges
Committee Staff Should Not Be Political Hires

Good morning sweet readers! It's Thursday, and you know that means Washington [...]