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Morning Links

District could pull from the rainy day fund if the federal government shuts down. [Post]
Less dramatic shutdown plan disappoints Post columnist. [Post]
Keith Forney, last in the news giving money to Marion Barry at a strip club, is protesting a city contract. [WBJ]
Some cabbies could have more time to install credit card meters. [City Desk, WAMU]
Half of DCPS principals don't reach [...]

Barry Takes Thousands in Gifts From City Contractors

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry took in some generous gifts last year, the Washington Post reports today. In 2012, two city contractors gave a combined $6,800 that, depending on who you believe, were either personal loans or gifts meant to pay the mayor-for-life's bills.
Keith Forney, whose Forney Enterprises gave Barry $2,800, tells the Post that [...]

Payback is a Hitch

Elections have consequences. For Keith Forney, the 2010 election had $703,083 worth of consequences, to be precise.
Forney was the general contractor who built the Deanwood Recreation Center, a glitzy 63,000-square-foot behemoth that boasts a swimming pool, basketball gym, and library. The center, completed in midsummer 2010, was one of the crown jewels of Mayor Adrian [...]