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ANC Recording Caper Will Cost District $58K

How might the District spend $60,000? Paying for a year of pricey college for an underprivileged student, maybe, or adding it to the streetcar money pit. Instead, thanks to a new settlement, the District will cough up $58,400 because of an allegedly deletion-happy Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.
The settlement ends the saga of ANC 5B member Carolyn Steptoe and her tape recorder. After Steptoe shut [...]

January Campaign Finance Reports: Everyone Else

The January campaign finance shed light on campaign financial details  beyond the mayor's race. Incumbent Jim Graham managed to outraise sole opponent Brianne Nadeau in Ward 1, but still lagged behind her in cash on hand.
In Ward 6, meanwhile, ex-Harry Reid staffer Darrel Thompson took in the most money while, like Graham, he lagged behind rival Charles Allen in reserves.
Ward 1
Jim Graham
Raised: [...]

Wilds Has Most Cash in Ward 5, One Week Left

Campaign finance reports are in for next week's special election in Ward 5, which could be a close race that comes down to who does the best job of getting their supporters to the polls. Which often takes money. The biggest news, therefore, is that candidate Frank Wilds has a huge lead in the cash-on-hand [...]

The Top Five Candidates for Ward 5?

LL currently counts 16 candidates for the open Ward 5 seat. But at a debate scheduled for early next month will only feature five of those candidates, a deliberate omission that's causing a little heartburn.
The debate was organized by the Brookland Heartbeat, WTOP, and the League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia, and [...]

Running in Place

If you have amazing hearing and listenclosely, you just might be able to detect the pitter-patter of potential political candidates, jockeying ever so carefully for position in the event of a special election to replace embattled Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.
Thomas, as LL hopes all of his readers are aware, recently agreed to pay [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Robocalls and Yard Sign Theft Edition

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Voting tips
Canvassing a captive audience

New Gray Ad: He cares, he really cares

Good morning, sweet readers! Goodbye, summer, you sure were hot. News time:
Hey, Don't Steal My Robocall: [...]