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Cheh’s Joke Budget Includes Proposals About Norton Parking Job, Bowser-Racine Duel

Mary Cheh gets them jokes off

Racine and Bowser Clash Over Missing Provision, Real Estate Lawyers

Hijinks alleged in Bowser-Racine turf war.

Hey, Data Data: MPD Database Fail Could Have Affected Dozens of Criminal Cases

A police database failure kept key information from defenders and jeopardized a yet-to-be-determined number of criminal cases.

Bowser’s All-Boys School Plan Gets Attorney General Approval

Minority men and boys initiative can move forward

Bowser Changes Mayoral Position, Wants to Enact Budget Autonomy

Bowser, unlike Gray, backs budget autonomy.

Checkbooks and Balances: The Campaign’s Over But Racine and Bowser Are Still Taking Money

What do you do after spending $226,000 of your own money on a race? Earn it back.

Muriel Bowser Will Legalize Marijuana Despite Threats from Congress

Smoke 'em if you got 'em (in the privacy of your own home, after midnight)

Minority Report: Proposed School for Black and Latino Boys Faces Potential Title IX Challenge

Councilmember Mary Cheh went public with her objections to the plan.

Bowser Could Back Budget Autonomy Amendment

But the CFO has his mind made up.

What Will D.C. Politics Have in Store in 2015?

New mayor, new Council, new year.