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Post Ed Board Endorses Muriel Bowser for Mayor, Slams David Catania

Muriel Bowser gets the Post's nod again.

David Catania, Media Critic

David Catania isn't the first councilmember to tangle with Washington Post editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao. He may be the first, though, to compare her to the title character in The Wizard of Oz.
For those who missed the movie or James Franco's 2013 prequel, Catania provided a recap at today's education committee hearing. The wizard—"a harmless, elderly illusionist," per Catania—was [...]

Rhee on Erasergate: No Biggie

LL didn't have room in his column this week for some highlights of former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee's new memoir. One particularly interesting passage is Rhee's take on USA Today's investigation that found an almost impossibly large number of erasure marks on standardized tests.
Rhee acknowledges that her initial response to the story—attacking it as "insulting" to [...]

The Problem With D.C.’s Lobbyist Disclosure Forms: They Don’t Disclose Very Much!

In case you missed it, The Washington Post editorial page has posted a series of must-read emails between Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham and would-be lottery businessman Warren Williams and his lobbying team.
The emails, some of which were cited in The Washington Times last year, raise all kinds of questions about Graham's behavior in the [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Priorities Edition

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Yikes! Post Botches Story, Sort of Covers It Up
Anti-Myopic Little Twits PAC Formed

Prostitution Tuesday

Good morning sweet readers! It's Thursday, you all [...]

Read: Fenty-Era Emails

LL's column includes a look at the relationship between the Washington Post editorial page and the Fenty administration. For those of you with way too much time on your hands, take a look at these pages and pages of emails between Fenty staffers and Post writers.
As LL noted in his column, you won't find any [...]

Posting Up

When Mayor Vince Gray’s new chief of staff, Chris Murphy, was hired this summer, one of the first things he did was take over the mayor’s languishing communications shop.
Murphy immediately had one-on-one meetings with reporters, started trading emails and phone calls with hacks, and, most recently, eased out the mayor’s spokeswoman and replaced her with [...]

Gray Team Woos the Post

Mayor Vince Gray hired a new spokesman this week. Pedro Ribeiro will be replacing Linda Wharton Boyd, who the mayor put out to pasture at the city’s Department of Health.
At a Monday news conference announcing the new hire, talk quickly turned to why the mayor was making the move. Some Gray supporters have long blamed [...]

Conference Call Fun

Well, that was awkward.
A few members of the city's press corps were treated to a lengthy, uncomfortable, and unfortunately on background exchange between Mayor Vince Gray's new chief of staff, Chris Murphy, and Washington Post editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao Tuesday afternoon.
At issue was a blistering investigative piece Armao wrote about potential [...]

Post Boss Kills Post Story Responding to Post Editorial About Cowbells

Note to Washington Post reporters: Never, ever, ever, ever write a blog post questioning the wisdom of your paper's editorial page's opposition to cowbells.
That's the takeaway from a clumsy Wednesday night episode at 15th and L that saw a blog post by reporter Mike DeBonis go live, before quickly being pulled from the website with [...]