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Payback is a Hitch

Elections have consequences. For Keith Forney, the 2010 election had $703,083 worth of consequences, to be precise.
Forney was the general contractor who built the Deanwood Recreation Center, a glitzy 63,000-square-foot behemoth that boasts a swimming pool, basketball gym, and library. The center, completed in midsummer 2010, was one of the crown jewels of Mayor Adrian [...]

What Kind of Dog Should Fenty Get?

In what could be his last ribbon cutting–erm, "leash cutting"–before becoming a lame duck, this morning Mayor Adrian Fenty officially opened the way-more-controversial-than-it-oughtta-be Newark Street Dog Park off Wisconsin Avenue. The 10,000-square-foot, $400,000 canine playground had been a decade in the planning stages, as gardeners and surrounding condo owners fought the conversion of a grassy [...]