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Marion Barry at DNC Conventions: Not Usually Dull

For those of you who don't follow Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's Twitter account, the former mayor-for-life or his designated tweeter has been tweeting up a storm today from the Democratic National Convention in support of D.C. statehood, voting rights, and/or budget autonomy.
"I see you tweeting for equality! Can a tweet turn into a [...]

Ron Moten, Author

Go-go impresario, political consultant, T-shirt maker, anti-youth violence advocate and Republican Ward 7 Council candidate Ron Moten has a new book coming out. In Drinking Muddy Water: The Evolution of a Civil Rights Republican, Moten promises to "name names" about local political corruption and ruminate on the Democratic Party's relationship with African-Americans.
From Moten's news release:
Meet [...]

Congressional Black Caucus Opposes Gas Bill (At Least Briefly)

Last week, D.C. councilmembers got a letter from the Congressional Black Caucus calling on them to oppose legislation that could put a big dent into the bottom line of the District's biggest gas magnate, Eyob "Joe" Mamo.
Mamo and his gas business, which are the subject of an ongoing investigation by the attorney general's office, as [...]

Gray Administration Eyeing New Deputy Chief of Staff

Mayor Vince Gray is considering veteran national political consultant Andrea Pringle as a new deputy chief of staff, according to multiple Wilson Building sources. Pringle confirms she's been in talks with the Gray team.
Rumor is part of Pringle's potential new gig would be overseeing the mayor's communications shop, which would make sense given that Pringle [...]