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Jeff Thompson to D.C.: Pay Up!

Jeff Thompson fights back.

Loose Lips Quotes of 2014: Ron Machen

Ron Machen promised more revelations. So where are they?

Gray Says He Wasn’t Involved in Rejected Plea Deal

Vince Gray isn't paying much attention to his defense.

Post: Gray Rejected Plea Deal in September

Vince Gray insists on his innocence, even as the feds offer a plea

Watch New Campaign Ads by Muriel Bowser and Lorie Masters

One commercial features Barack Obama, one doesn't.

Prosecutors Want Probation for Jeff Thompson Crony

Prosecutors want Troy White, who pleaded guilty to operating "street teams" for Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign, to avoid prison in exchange for his cooperation.

The Case Against Vince Gray, Explained

The shadow campaigns, the straw donors, and the mayor

Vince Gray’s Ex-Driver Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

Mark Long, Vince Gray's 2010 campaign driver, pleads guilty to a federal conspiracy charge and says he gave a mysterious package to a union official.

Feds: Vince Gray Tried to Convince Mayoral Rival to Drop Out in Exchange for Job

Plus: Another shadow campaign associate goes to court tomorrow.

Former Ward 1 Candidate Jeff Smith Gets 60 Days in Jail on Jeff Thompson Charge

Former Ward 1 D.C. Council candidate Jeff Smith came to D.C. Superior Court today to be sentenced, but he didn't take it quietly. When he got a chance to talk, Smith accused U.S. Attorney Ron Machen's prosecutors of a list of misdeeds in their investigation of the illicit shadow campaign he received from campaign-crime impresario Jeff Thompson, from threatening to prosecute [...]