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Shadow Campaign Beneficiary Kelvin Robinson Out at D.C. Health Exchange

Admitted Jeff Thompson shadow campaign beneficiary Kelvin Robinson will have more time now to think about his impending August sentencing. Robinson no longer works as the business development director for D.C. Health Link, according to a spokeswoman for the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority.
Health exchange spokeswoman Mahlori Isaacs spokeswoman confirmed to LL that Robinson is out, but declined to explain the circumstances of [...]

A Very Incomplete Look At Jeff Thompson’s Fight for His Files

As the federal investigation into the beneficiaries of admitted shadow campaigner Jeff Thompson continues, one of the hardest parts to follow has been Thompson's fight to stop the government from reviewing 23 million pages of his files.
Even after the former city contractor gave up the legal challenge to protect the documents federal agents seized from his house and accounting firm, the files related [...]

Former Ward 1 Candidate Jeff Smith Admits Covering Up Jeff Thompson Money

Former D.C. Council Ward 1 candidate Jeff Smith pleaded guilty in court this afternoon to lying about receiving illicit help from shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson, just hours after being charged with the crime.
Smith, 40, failed to oust Councilmember Jim Graham in his 2010 campaign, despite what he admitted amounted to more than $140,000 in off-the-books aid from two of [...]

Ex-Ward 1 Candidate Jeff Smith Charged in Jeff Thompson Case

The federal pursuit of D.C. Council candidates accused of getting illicit help from shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson continues. After scoring a guilty plea from one-time at-large hopeful Kelvin Robinson earlier this month, prosecutors filed a charge today accusing former Ward 1 candidate Jeff Smith of also covering up off-the-books aid from Thompson.
Smith, a former member of the District's school board, [...]

Kelvin Robinson Admits Covering Up Jeff Thompson Shadow Campaign

Kelvin Robinson, a former D.C. Council candidate, pleaded guilty in Superior Court today to conspiring to conceal illegal shadow campaign help from Jeff Thompson in two 2010 races, according to a court docket.
Robinson, a former chief of staff for Mayor Tony Williams, was charged last month with covering up help from Thompson. Besides ex-Councilmember Michael Brown, he's [...]

Feds Let Jeff Thompson Leave the Country

Admitted illicit campaign mastermind Jeff Thompson doesn't have another court hearing until late July, but he won't be spending all the time until then in the District. With the blessing of the U.S. Attorney's Office, a federal judge ruled last week that Thompson can leave on June 7 this month for Jamaica.
The benefits of leaving town during a criminal investigation aren't lost on [...]

Judge: Naming Alleged Thompson Recipients Could Affect Grand Jury

A federal judge ruled that naming alleged recipients of shadow campaign mastermind Jeff Thompson's illicit help besides Mayor Vince Gray could jeopardize a grand jury investigation, according to a court order unsealed today.
In the March 10 court order made ahead of Thompson's plea hearing the same day, U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled that Gray, once identified just as [...]

Michael Brown Apologizes, Sentenced to 39 Months

Former At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown—the son of former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and a man who once aspired to be mayor—will serve 39 months in prison on a bribery charge, a federal judge ruled today.
Brown, in court almost a year after he first pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from undercover federal agents in exchange for help getting them District contracts, apologized [...]

Michael Brown Sentenced to 39 Months in Prison

Former D.C. Councilmember Michael Brown was sentenced Thursday to 39 months in federal prison and 24 months of supervised release for taking bribes from undercover FBI agents.
Prosecutors had sought 43 months, largely because they said Brown initially didn't tell them about the $100,000 in illegal, off-the-books help he got from the District's premier shadowy financier, Jeff Thompson, [...]

Prosecutors on Michael Brown: Throw the Book at Him

Is ex-councilmember Michael Brown a committed crook on a "crime creep," or is he a good person who repeatedly finds himself breaking the law? Ahead of Brown's sentencing hearing next Thursday, the U.S. Attorney's Office and his defense team traded memos yesterday over whether Brown should receive the 43 months in prison that the government has recommended.
Prosecutors' response [...]