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Medicaid Competitor Alleges Jeff Thompson Got Special Treatment

A former competitor to alleged mayoral "shadow campaign" financier Jeff Thompson's Medicaid managed care organization says Thompson's Chartered Health Plan received improper special treatment from city officials in 2004.
Advantage Healthplan, the competitor, is currently in a long-running legal dispute with the District before the Contract Appeals Board, where it's seeking damages that could add to the [...]

Vincent v. Vince

Earlier this year, Councilmember Vincent Orange was upset that his committee staff had to move offices. The relocation was prompted by new committee assignments, and several other councilmembers’ staffers also had to move. But Orange, according to several Wilson Building aides, was adamantly opposed to the game of musical offices.
How opposed? In one heated meeting [...]


David Wilmot and Jeff Thompson have long been two of the most influential men in District politics. Wilmot is one of the top-paid lobbyists in town, able to command monthly retainers of up to $10,000 from blue-chip clients like Walmart, AT&T, United Healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industry. He’s a near-constant presence at the Wilson [...]

VO’s Tin Ear

Friday afternoon, Councilmember Vincent Orange took to Twitter to crow about the fact that the Office of Campaign Finance had completed an audit of Orange's 2011 campaign and made no referrals to federal law enforcement agencies or the newly formed Board of Ethics.
That's about as sad as Councilmember Jim Graham boasting about the time he [...]

How VO Says He Landed An Endorsement

Today on WPFW, LL and Councilmember Vincent Orange had a discussion about the veracity of LL's reporting concerning Orange's 2011 special election. LL has reported at length on the links between the key players (Jeff Thompson, Vernon Hawkins, Jeanne Clarke Harris) in the alleged shadow campaign that U.S. Attorney Ron Machen says illegally helped get [...]

Score One for the Big Guy

Corporations rule! The Board of Elections has ruled that the good-government types who want to ban corporate giving in D.C. elections did not submit enough signatures to put the issue to a vote in November's election.
LL's waiting on the BOE for the official numbers, but on Twitter, Bob Summersgill says the ballot initiative backers, who go [...]

See Nothing, Say Nothing

Reporters can be an annoying bunch,and the Wilson Building press corps is no different. LL and his colleagues pester and hector Mayor Vince Gray at every turn for answers about the allegedly vast illegal shadow campaign federal prosecutors say helped him beat Adrian Fenty in the 2010 election, to no avail. Wanna know what Gray [...]

Depends What Your Definition of “Campaign” Is

Another day, another piece of bad news on the front page of the Washington Post for Mayor Vince Gray. Today, the Posties report that Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign kept a database of public housing residents, "which appears to be an unauthorized use of private government information."
The mayor tells the paper he was unaware of any [...]

Willie Wilson Calls for Investigation of Fenty Campaign

As far as rallies for embattled mayors go, today's affair in support of Mayor Vince Gray at the Wilson Building was pretty tame.
For starters, there wasn't heated rhetoric about a racially motivated witchhunt against a black mayor, a la pro-Marion Barry rallies back in the day. (At one rally for Barry in 1987, about 700 [...]

VO Says He’s In the Clear, But He’s Not

At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange appeared on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt today to proclaim that he's completely free of any taint associated with the illegal activity that took place on Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign.
Specifically, Orange said a preliminary audit by the Office of Campaign Finance of donations tied to Medicaid contractor Jeff Thompson had cleared [...]