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Agreement between Ron Machen and Irv Nathan reveals new details of federal investigation into settlement with Jeff Thompson's company [LL]
Judge dismisses lawsuit against Jim Graham [LL, Post]
Relatives of the man who died near a fire station without receiving help say they haven't decided yet on suing. [WAMU, City Desk]
Muriel Bowser wins the Ward 4 straw poll, but not with enough votes to win the [...]

Ron Machen Had Information in Jeff Thompson Investigation That Could Have Led D.C. to Fire Employees

Does District Attorney General Irv Nathan really know what happened in the District's $7.5 million settlement with a company run by alleged Vince Gray shadow campaign backer Jeff Thompson? The idea that Nathan was kept in the dark hung over U.S. Attorney Ron Machen's scrap with Nathan to get documents related to the settlement, with Machen suggesting in a letter to the [...]

Ron Moten: Bring Me Vince Gray

Embattled go-go impresario and Adrian Fenty BFF Ron Moten wants to call a surprise witness in his legal battle with the District: Vince Gray himself.
Moten, whose Peaceoholics group is accused of misusing grant money intended for anti-violence work, says only Gray can explain the motivations behind the attorney general's lawsuit.
The official motivations aren't hard to puzzle out—Moten's accused of signing bogus [...]

U.S. Attorney Will Get Jeff Thompson Documents Related to Vince Gray

Mayor Vince Gray might get his wish soon. After Gray said in December that U.S. Attorney Ron Machen should put anything suspicious about the District's relationship with alleged shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson "on the table," Machen and Attorney General Irv Nathan have come to an agreement over attempts to get documents Nathan had said were protected by attorney-client privilege.
Under the agreement, the [...]

Vince Gray on Alleged “Connections” to Jeff Thompson: Let’s See Them!

Vince Gray wants to see what's behind U.S. Attorney Ron Machen's allegations that there were "connections" between District officials and people working for alleged shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson.
"If there's something untoward, let it be put on the table," Gray says.
Gray deserves to have Machen's evidence put out there, so he should take his complaints to the [...]

Ron Machen Offers to Focus on Mayor’s Office in Document Fight

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen attempted to resolve a document dispute with District Attorney General Irv Nathan by offering to focus his request on Mayor Vince Gray, other Executive Office of the Mayor employees, and the Department of Healthcare Finance, according to letters between Machen and Nathan obtained by LL.
Machen and Nathan have been at an impasse since November over [...]

Gray Wants Changes to Marijuana Bill

Tommy Wells' marijuana decriminalization bill already has the support of a majority of the D.C. Council. Now Mayor Vince Gray is on board too...pending some changes.
Deputy Attorney General Andrew Fois laid out the executive's case today. Gray and attorney general Irv Nathan say the bill should be changed so that civil marijuana penalties for minors would be [...]

Open and Shutdown Case

Two weeks into the federal shutdown,things are getting strange. Mayor Vince Gray held a press conference on the Senate lawn, then marched across the street and tried to take over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s own press event—after one of the mayor’s staffers feverishly circulated a background quote that Councilmember David Grosso should put down [...]

District’s Shutdown Plan Is “Idiocy Of Immense Proportions,” Says Former U.S. Attorney

A little law-breaking can be contagious. Mayor Vince Gray risks violating the Anti-Deficiency Act if he keeps the entire city government running during a shutdown without the feds' approval, but he's not alone. D.C. Council chairman Phil Mendelson is set to introduce his own bill Tuesday to keep the city running. Councilmember David Grosso, meanwhile, says the District should build [...]

Morning Links

Thieves steal two computers and a camera from Councilmember David Grosso's home. [AP, Post]
Office of Campaign Finance investigates donations to Jack Evans' constituent service fund. [LL, Post]
Deputy fire chief demoted over parking sign repairs to ambulances. [Times]
Are new school renovations worth it? [Housing Complex]
Marijuana activist withdraws his ballot initiative temporarily after opposition from Attorney General Irv Nathan. [WAMU]
D.C. plans to open [...]