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Nothing Left to Say

Mayor Vince Gray usually doesn’t have a hard time coming up with words. His speeches can last hours. His news conferences sometimes seem to drag on forever. But lately, the mayor’s gone silent just when he needs to be talking the most.
Last week, after two top aides from his 2010 mayoral campaign admitted in federal [...]

Vince Gray Has Nothing To Say About Sulaimon Payments

Reporters finally got to question Mayor Vince Gray today about the news that his mayoral campaign paid off Sulaimon Brown. Gray just got back from a retail conference in Las Vegas trying to lure some Wegmans stores to D.C.
After a brief news conference touting the District's efforts to help small businesses in Adams Morgan (59 new [...]

Jeffrey Thompson: A Primer

Federal agents raided the home and office of Jeffrey Thompson, among the largest contributors to D.C. political campaigns, on Friday, prompting Wilson Building observers to murmur excitedly throughout the weekend. But Thompson keeps a pretty low profile, for a guy whose companies and employees have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians.
So LL wrote [...]