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Gray Calls for Review of CBE Program

Mayor Vince Gray has tasked an agency director to review the city's Certified Business Enterprise program, which is designed to give local businesses a leg up in winning city contracts but is frequently decried as a broken system.
Gray sent an undated letter to Department of Small and Local Business Development Director Harold Pettigrew telling him [...]

Is the District Setting Personnel Records on Fire?

D.C. police and firefighters union officials are asking for an investigation into what they say was a giant blaze involving three dumpsters and an abandoned car's worth of personnel records, including medical files containing private information.
In a letter sent to the Office of the Inspector General today, the heads of the two unions say that [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Rich Man Talk Edition (Updated)

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Millicent West, Key Figure in Harry Thomas Jr. Saga, Resigns
D.C.'s Found Money

Good afternoon sweet readers! LL's wife has told [...]

Inspector Gadget

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a busy, productive spring for investigators in the District.
Attorney General Irv Nathan dispelled any notion he’s a softie with a blistering civil suit accusing Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. of redirecting city money earmarked for kids and using it to buy an Audi. The Office of Campaign [...]

What’s Wrong With A Forged Doctor’s Note?

LL knows a thing or two about coming up with phony excuses to get out of going to work. (Just kidding bosses. Ha ha!) But former D.C. Department of Human Services worker Theadus Marshall takes the art of playing hooky to a new level.
According to a memo from the city's inspector general's office, Marshall gave [...]