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Vince Gray Carries D.C. Protest Sign in Inaugural Parade

The snappy slogan "A More Perfect Union Must Include Full Democracy in DC" looked so good on a parade reviewing stand, why not put it on a sign?
Mayor Vince Gray and his two adult children walked down Pennsylvania Avenue about ten minutes after the Obamas had today, with Gray holding a pro-D.C. sign with the same muddled [...]

Marion Barry: Obama Inaugural Speech Should’ve Mentioned D.C. Voting Rights

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry liked President Barack Obama's second inaugural speech just fine ("Barack is an excellent speaker,") but thought the president left something out: voting rights for D.C.
"The president has a responsibility to help liberate us," said Barry, who watched the speech from his office in the Wilson Building.
Barry said the speech was [...]

D.C.’s Muddled Message to the World

D.C. voting rights advocates often bemoan the fact that few people in the rest of the country know that the District doesn't have a voting member in Congress and can't spend its own money without congressional approval. If only they knew! the thinking goes, D.C. would have statehood, or at least something more than it [...]