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Gray Friend Thomas Gore Released From Federal Custody

The federal investigation into Vince Gray's 2010 campaign has gone on so long that the only person sent to prison for it so far is already out. Just in time for election day!
Gray 2010 operative Thomas Gore was released from a D.C. area halfway house Friday, according to the Bureau of Prisons' website. A federal judge sentenced Gore in [...]

The Mayor’s Mouth

Mayor Vince Gray isn’t just running for re-election. He’s Muhammad Ali, pulling the rope-a-dope on his rivals like it’s the Rumble in the Jungle.
If you bring up how many of Gray’s friends are headed to prison, he’ll come back like Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, stronger than he was before. He’s Rocky Balboa facing Apollo Creed, [...]

Lorraine Green’s Daughter Vouches for Howard Brooks

In the lead up to sentencing for lying to FBI agents about making payments to Sulaimon Brown, former Gray campaign Howard Brooks has sent a letter asking to be spared jail time. "This is a fall from grace I would not wish on worst enemy," Brooks says of the punishment he's already received from having [...]

Health Care Finance COO Fired Over Contract Steering Allegations

The chief operating officer of the Department of Health Care Finance was fired today over allegations that she tried to "steer business towards some minority firms and away from others" in the bidding on the forthcoming contract for the District's health insurance exchange, a new insurance marketplace that's the centerpiece of President Barack Obama's healthcare [...]

FBI Seeking Records in Lotto Contract, Attorney Says

The FBI has subpoenaed documents related to the D.C. lottery contract from a former employee who is suing the city because he says he was unfairly fired for protesting the process by which the contract was awarded, according to that employee's lawyer. The FBI's interest in the lotto contract could signal that the ongoing federal [...]

Did Lorraine Green Lie to D.C. Council?

On the eve of Gray campaign aide Howard Brooks' guilty plea last week, LL reported that the statement of offense filed in court would mention an unnamed person who knew about Gray campaign funds paid to fringe candidate Sulaimon Brown. That unnamed person, a source told LL, was Gray campaign chairwoman Lorraine Green.
Sure enough, court [...]

Howard Brooks Pleads Guilty

Gray campaign aide mystery man Howard Brooks is a mystery no more: Brooks appeared in federal court today to plead guilty to a single count of lying to the FBI.
But that's not all he did. Brooks admitted today in court that he was the bagman for the Gray campaign after it decided in the summer [...]

Photos: Howard Brooks Pleads Guilty

200 Block of Third Street NW, May 24

Gray Campaign Was Sulaimon’s Biggest Donor Late in Campaign

One mystery of the 2010 mayoral campaign that's never going to be solved is how Sulaimon Brown managed to win 209 votes in the Democratic primary. Why would you ever vote for that guy?!
Another mystery that may only be partially solved is how Brown managed to raise more than $16,000 for his quixotic fringe bid. [...]

Source: Lorraine Green Knew of Payments to Sulaimon

A source familiar with the federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign says that campaign chairwoman and closest friend Lorraine Green knew of improper payments made to fringe candidate Sulaimon Brown.
Court records expected to be released tomorrow after Howard Brooks pleads guilty to lying to the FBI will say that an unnamed individual knew [...]