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Prosecutors Want Probation for Jeff Thompson Crony

Prosecutors want Troy White, who pleaded guilty to operating "street teams" for Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign, to avoid prison in exchange for his cooperation.

Morning Links

District taps another $400 million to keep operating. [NBC 4]
Vince Gray meeting with nearby Fairfax, Montgomery, and Prince George's county leaders to talk shutdown. [NBC 4]
Sorry, Mr. Mayor—Hillary Clinton can't help you. [Post]
David Catania proposes plan to pay $100,000 for residents' college tuition. [WAMU]
Jim Graham launches an exploratory committee. [LL]
Expulsion rates dip at charter schools. [Post]
MLK Library vote [...]

Morning Links

After Vince Gray vetoes the living wage bill, Phil Mendelson maneuvers to attempt override on Tuesday. [WAMU, LL, Post]
Here's where Gray got the figure that the bill would kill 4,000 jobs. [Housing Complex]
Evidence that Jeff Thompson funded a shadow campaign for Hillary Clinton could, somehow, help Gray. [Post]
Investigation into Thompson focuses on role of Minyon Moore in Clinton campaign. [Post]
WSJ predicts big things from the Thompson scandal. [...]

Morning Links

Marion Barry censured, fined over contractor gifts. [AP, Times]
Five members of D.C. Council will consider sanctions against Barry. [Post]
Black residents make up 90 percent of drug possession arrests in District. [Post]
Hillary Clinton and Jeff Thompson are "pals." [Huffington Post]
Firefighters injured in Cleveland Park fire. [NBC 4]
Metro operators turned off emergency intercoms. [Post]

D.C. Pols Love to Praise Obama, Just Don’t Like to Give To Him

D.C. politicians are crazy for President Barack Obama. Go to one of Mayor Vince Gray's public events and there are very good odds Hizzoner will speak in glowing terms of Obama's leadership. Pictures of councilmembers standing next to the president, or even close by, are proudly displayed trophies in Wilson Building offices. Councilmember Vincent Orange boasts [...]

It’s Like Rainnnn, On Your Wedding Day

How's this for a small world: the head of fundraising for former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee's advocacy group, Students First, is married to the guy who helped unseat Rhee's boss, Adrian Fenty, and ultimately Rhee herself.
Tali Stein is V.P. of development for Students First. She's married to Mo Elleithee, the veteran Virginia political operative who [...]