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Morning Links

Schools chancellor Kaya Henderson gets 46 percent approval in schools poll. [Post]
Muriel Bowser's campaign puts out poll that says she's almost tied against Vince Gray. [LL]
San Francisco enters the mayoral race. [LL]
Hotel workers endorse Gray. [LL, Post]
Post misses the question on Height Act. [Housing Complex]
Does Capitol Riverfront have too much retail? [Housing Complex]
DDOT looks for streetcar operators. [Post]

Morning Links

We seized a strip club! [Young & Hungry, Times, Post]
Contractor and strip club investor Keith Forney, last in the news giving money to Marion Barry, says Stadium Club could be purchased by new investors. [Y&H]
John Boehner glares at D.C. Health Exchange website. []
Vince Gray, streetcar optimist. [Washingtonian]
Mayoral frat bro Bruce Bereano: save the e-cigs! [Post]
Mayor's race gets a Republican and [...]

Morning Links

LivingSocial is far from collecting on its tax breaks. [Post]
Collecting trash in federal parks will cost D.C. $58,000. [Times]
D.C. film office head Crystal Palmer loses her job, shuffled to deputy mayor's office. [WBJ]
Mayoral hopefuls turn out for Stein Club fundraiser. [Blade]
"Temporary" licensing fee lives on. [WBJ]
Unemployment applications swell during shutdown. [Post]
Height limit debate continues. [WAMU]
Metro contractor killed [...]

Four Questions Tommy Wells Didn’t Answer In His Reddit Appearance

Mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells followed the path honed by Barack Obama and At-Large Councilmember David Grosso and took questions from Reddit users Sunday night. Wells spent most of the time restating his positions on smart growth (for), the Large Retailer Accountability Act (against), and abolishing the D.C. Taxicab Commission (for).
But the name of the game is Ask Me Anything, [...]