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The Nonprofit Loophole

One of the things that kicked off former Ward 5 Councilmember and current federal prison inmate Harry Thomas Jr.'s troubles was the public disclosure that he was running an unregistered nonprofit organization, set up to do charity work, that collected unregulated and unreported donations from city contractors. Without the fuss of a constituent service account [...]

Millicent West Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge

Millicent West, who two mayors placed in charge of a more than $100 million-a-year city agency responsible for the District's security and emergency management, pleaded guilty today to a felony tax charge for her minor role in helping former Ward 5 Councilmember and current federal prison inmate Harry Thomas Jr.'s theft of city funds.
West headed [...]

At-Large Candidate Says Bankruptcy Won’t Hurt Chances

LL recently checked through court records to see if any of the candidates for the special at-large D.C. Council race had any legal problems involving stealing large amounts of public funds or lying on a bank loan application in order to buy a boat. Everyone passed!
But LL did find a bankruptcy filing by John Settles, [...]

Robert Bobb To Jim Graham: “You Should Be Ashamed”

The war of words between Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham and the chairman of the Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation's board, Robert Bobb, is escalating with a new round of letters between the two men. In a letter sent yesterday, Bobb told Graham that he "should be ashamed" of making accusations that Bobb has [...]

Graham Headed to Children’s Trust Board

Just about four years ago to the day, former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. helped throw a pricey party at the Wilson Building to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Dubbed the "51st State Inaugural Ball," the fiesta didn't raise enough money selling $51 tickets to cover its costs (which included a performance [...]

The 2012 Loosies

Oh 2012, what turmoil you brought to D.C. politics. Two councilmembers who started the year as elected officials are either in federal prison or under house arrest wearing an electronic monitoring device. Vince Gray appears to have weathered a summer storm that saw the U.S. Attorney’s Office allege that the mayor benefited from an illegal [...]

Which Former Councilmember Improperly Got Out of a Ticket?

It's a Thanksgiving mystery: An unnamed former D.C. councilmember managed to make a traffic ticket disappear even after the Department of Motor Vehicles had already denied his request to have the ticket dismissed, according to a new audit released by the city's inspector general.
In January 2011, the councilmember had his chief of staff send a [...]

Feds: Boxing Instructor Used Stolen City Funds On Lincoln Navigator

Oh look, another alleged misuse of city funds involving a Lincoln Navigator.
Today the U.S. Attorney's Office filed a grand jury indictment against Keely Thompson Jr. and his wife Biance Thompson. The move comes almost two years after the feds first filed a criminal complaint against Thompson for allegedly stealing more than $500,000 in city funds [...]

The Catania Conundrum

Bill Dean has the superhero alter-ego thing down pat.
Heir and CEO of a giant electrical engineering and defense contractor that makes nearly $1 billion a year? Check. Thrower of epic parties featuring scores of scantily clad women at his Georgetown mansion? Check. Owner or part owner of a massive Miami beach house, a party yacht, [...]

Did Michael Brown’s Nonprofit Need to File Tax Returns, After All?

Councilmember Michael Brown yesterday defended the work of a now-defunct nonprofit he once ran from questions raised by one of his political opponents, David Grosso.
Brown says the Ronald H. Brown Foundation, named after his late father, was in compliance with federal tax laws even though it did not file tax return for several years before [...]