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Gray Fires CBE Boss

Two days after Mayor Vince Gray told reporters at a news conference that he was unhappy with the pace of efforts to reform the embattled Certified Business Enterprise set-aside program, his administration announced the departure of the head of the department responsible for overseeing that program.
Harold Pettigrew Jr., the head of the Department of Small [...]

Council’s Contract Oversight: Often a Waste of Time

When it comes to oversight hearings on city contracting, the D.C. Council sure knows how to waste time.
Every few months, the council gets roped into and riled up over some relatively low-dollar contract dispute, like the horror of having a Baltimore-based company cutting the city's grass, and spends several hours grandstanding, wandering off topic, and [...]

More Lottery-Related CBE Hijinx

The District government apparently cannot award D.C. Lottery-related contracts without some major drama involving the much-maligned Certified Business Enterprise program.
When the city awarded the lucrative lotto contract in December 2009, the inspector general later found that the Department of Small and Local Business Development, which is tasked with administering the CBE program, erred in two [...]

Gray Says CBE Reforms Coming Soon, Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Mayor Vince Gray said today on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt that he'll soon be announcing "a number of reform efforts" to the Certified Business Enterprise, the troubled contracting system LL chronicled in a recent cover story.
Not that LL is taking credit for said forthcoming reforms. Gray tasked Harold Pettigrew, the director of the Deparment [...]

Gray Calls for Review of CBE Program

Mayor Vince Gray has tasked an agency director to review the city's Certified Business Enterprise program, which is designed to give local businesses a leg up in winning city contracts but is frequently decried as a broken system.
Gray sent an undated letter to Department of Small and Local Business Development Director Harold Pettigrew telling him [...]