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Mayoral Candidates Less Than Spooktacular With Halloween Candy

The District's mayoral candidates like to talk about improving the city for the District's children, but how much do they really care about kids? Last night, LL put them to the test.
With help from costumed WCP staffer writer Perry Stein, LL checked out  how much candy the candidates were giving out for Halloween. Would they opt for full-sized [...]

LL’s Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

If Vincent Orange has gotten you in the mood for a Wilson Building Halloween but you're crashing on a costume, LL has you covered:
Pigskins Mug Stuffed With Cash
What you'll need: A Pigskins shirt with Monopoly money tucked inside.
What you'll be: The holy grail for certain D.C. pols. Just make sure it's all on tape.
Sexy Robert Bobb
What [...]