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Ex-Councilmember H.R. Crawford Owes $13,000 in Back Taxes

Washington developer and former Ward 7 Councilmember H.R. Crawford is known for his real estate dealings, but here's one he probably doesn't want to be associated with. Unless Crawford coughs up $13,208.28 in back taxes to the District by July 15, his Eastern Market office will be sold at auction.
The 916 Pennsyvania Ave. SE building is [...]

Collateral Damage

This past week was not a good one for former D.C. Council chairman and convicted felon Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown. First, a judge denied his request to be allowed to travel to North Carolina as a part of a college tour for District youngsters that he says he’s been a part of in past years. [...]

Jeff Thompson Part of Small Group That Gave to Gray’s Cousin

Jeff Thompson, the D.C. Medicaid contractor who allegedly funded a $650,000 illegal shadow campaign and gave more than $40,000 in straw donations to help get Vince Gray elected mayor in 2010, was part of a small group of Gray associates who donated to a Maryland campaign by the mayor's cousin.
In late 2007, Maryland Del. Jim [...]

How Many People Does It Take to Host a Party?

Unlike likely mayoral candidates Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans and Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells, Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser has been keeping her potential ambitions out of the press. Evans and Wells haven't been shy about their shared goal of becoming the District's next mayor, while Bowser, whose name is often mentioned as [...]

Jeanne Harris Pleaded Guilty to Corruption Charges in Late ’80s

Tomorrow Jeanne Clarke Harris is expected to plead guilty in U.S. District Court to campaign corruption charges. It will not be her first time at the rodeo.
A couple of decades ago, Harris was sentenced in federal court to two years' probation and given a $10,000 fine for hiding knowledge of allegedly criminal acts involving the misuse [...]

The End of the Politically Connected Medicaid Money Makers?

An accountant and a lawyer—both among the most politically connected this town's ever seen, neither with any background in health care—made small fortunes off of city's Medicaid contracts for the poor and disabled. Now, both of them, within weeks of each other, have announced they are getting out of the health care business. What the [...]

Ward 8 Dems Boss on Catania: “We’re Going to Take Him Into the Back Room and Kick His Tail”

At-large Councilmember David Catania should be getting several angry letters from supporters of Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry in the near future.
That, at least, was the promise of the Rev. R. Joyce Scott, president of the Ward 8 Democrats on Saturday at Barry's re-election campaign kick-off.
Scott told the crowd of 70 or so gathered at [...]

OCF Clears Yvette Alexander (Mostly)

Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander runs a "well organized and coordinated" constituent services shop, hasn't improperly spent constituent services funds on herself, and did not use her power  as a councilmember to try and enrich her landlord—former Councilmember H.R. Crawford—a new report from the Office of Campaign Finance says.
Alexander did however, improperly use funds from [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Nothing Personal, Yvette

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Prayers Answered: Ron Moten to Run For Council
Is Tommy Wells Making His Move?
Old Pictures of Vince Gray and Sulaimon Brown
Resolved: Vince Gray Isn't One for Resolutions
Does [...]

In the Old Days, Councilmembers Helped You Buy a Car

Since Navigatorgate broke, several councilmembers have taken the opportunity to take jabs at Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown.
Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has pointedly said that “if we're going to have a relationship to the people who are paying our bills, we've got to show that we're being smart and frugal.” At-Large Councilmember Sekou Biddle called [...]