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New D.C. Shutdown Plan: Take Budget Autonomy Early!

The District has been going through ideas to stay open during the government shutdown about as fast as it's going through its contingency fund.
First there was the "just stay open" plan, then the plan to declare all employees essential. Mayor Vince Gray settled on spending the city's $144 million contingency fund, which is legal because it [...]

Vince Gray Crashes Harry Reid’s Press Conference

Vince Gray and Eleanor Holmes Norton held a press conference in front of the Capitol today to urge the Senate to pass a bill to fund the District during the government shutdown. When his own press conference ended, though, Gray had an idea—why not make it two?
So the mayor and Norton, followed by their entourages and reporters, [...]

Shutdown Fight Makes Strange Bedfellows for Gray and Norton

This afternoon, Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a bill over Democratic objections that would appropriate money to keep the District government running during the shutdown. That's as far the bill will go, though. Opposed to "piecemeal" bills that get around the shutdown's effects, the White House says Barack Obama won't sign the bill.
That's awkward [...]

D.C. Government Declares All Workers Essential, Would Stay Open in Shutdown

A little more than 24 hours since the idea was proposed in yesterday's mayoral breakfast meeting, it's official. Mayor Vince Gray has told the federal government he plans to keep the D.C. government open if the feds shut down.
Gray's decision hinges on his ability to keep essential functions running, despite the shutdown. Instead of just operating [...]

Morning Links

City considers breaking the law to keep the District government running open during a government shutdown. [LL, WAMU, Post]
Post ed board says they shouldn't do it. [Post]
D.C. proposes big changes to the Height Act. [Housing Complex]
David Catania accuses school officials of "misleading" public over scores. [Post]
Lawyer representing man at the center of the Post's tax lien investigation files a class-action [...]

D.C. Under Government Shutdown Would Have No Libraries, Be Filled With Trash

Mayor Vince Gray is set to spend this afternoon considering whether to break federal law by keeping the entire city government operating in the event of a shutdown of the federal government. In the meantime, here's how the city would fare if it did go along with the feds on Oct. 1, according to a [...]