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Finally, A Ron Moten Song for the 2014 Election

Peaceoholics co-founder and Adrian Fenty diehard Ron Moten made the 2010 mayoral election catchier than it had any right to be with "U Fenty, Huh?" and "Don't Leave Us Fenty."Despite an abiding feud with incumbent Vince Gray, Moten hadn't released a similar song for the new election cycle—until today.
Moten's "We're Coming Out," a riff on Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out," is [...]

Has Election 2010 Divided Go-Go?

If you haven't heard already, go-go music, the most stigmatized genre in the District, has suddenly become a major political force. Mayor Adrian Fenty hopes to ride the conga-infused beat to victory in next week's elections.
But not all go-go bands have warmed to the mayor's "Go-Go 4 Fenty" campaign, and some even [...]

Adrian Fenty’s Go-Go Politics

If Adrian Fenty somehow winds up coming from behind to win next week’s Democratic primary, Anwan “Big G” Glover could be to the mayor what Bruce Springsteen was to Barack Obama.
During the 2008 Democratic primary, when it was painfully clear that Obama wasn’t polling well with working-class white voters, he suddenly got an endorsement from [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Bailout? Edition

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Peaceoholics Bailout?
Gray Accuses Skinner and Karim of Stonewalling

Still Undecided

Good afternoon, sweet readers! All LL has every really wanted in life is a place to swim in a [...]

VG on the Radio

Vincent Gray's mayoral campaign launched its first radio ad of the election season, complete with the D.C. Council chairman's "One City" slogan and stressing his education policies, including expanded pre-K programs, job training, and vocational education.
“Only one candidate for mayor has a plan to bring D.C.’s communities—east and west of the River—together, to create One [...]