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McDuffie Tries to Keep Reports on Anti-Crime Program Secret

McDuffie keeps things murky

Kaya Henderson’s Calendar: Fundraising, Fundraising, and More Fundraising

The DCPS chancellor has hit the fundraising circuit, where she has many of the same backers in the world of school reform as her predecessor Michelle Rhee.

ACLU: Police Body Cameras Without FOIA Are “One More Tool” for Surveillance

Muriel Bowser wants to keep footage from reporters, the public.

District Officials Can’t Shield Personal Email From FOIA, Judge Rules

City officials who conduct public business on personal email accounts must turn their personal emails over in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, according to a recent, first-of-its-kind ruling in D.C. Superior Court.
The July 9 order by Judge Stewart Nash brings the District into line with the majority of states that have addressed [...]

District Bizarrely Trying to Keep Already Public Records Confidential

Last week the Washington Post editorial page posted two internal reports on the city's politicized contracting process for the D.C. lottery. The reports were done by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer's top former internal investigator, Robert Andary. After the Post story ran, LL posted the investigator's notes Andary had used to write his [...]

Why Many Reporters Don’t Bother With FOIA Requests

An email that was part of a Freedom of Information Act response from the D.C. Council on April 23:

The same email that was part of a different FOIA response from the D.C. Council on May 29:

The same email that was part of a FOIA response from the Department of Parks and Recreation on May 29:

Police Email: “The File Burn Will Be Tomorrow”

And LL thought he had trouble getting Freedom of Information Act requests answered.
An email obtained by LL suggests that records set on fire last Friday at the fire department's training academy may include records that the Fraternal Order of Police union had requested through a FOIA request.
A deputy director of the department's recruitment bureau wrote [...]

Pols and Their Private Emails

This morning Mayor Vince Gray told the press he doesn't use his personal email address to discuss city business. Gray was responding to the news that CFO Nat Gandhi uses a email addresses as a way to avoid having his messages disclosed via the Freedom of Information Act. Gray says he doesn't want his [...]

Fenty’s Office: What FOIAs? (Updated)

Critics have long-charged Still Mayor Adrian Fenty's administration of not playing fair when it comes to Freedom of Information Act requests. LL thinks the critics make good points, but LL believes Fenty isn't much different from ALL politicians in giving little regard to open government laws. (Every couple of months, LL gets an e-mail from [...]