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Mendelson Wants Tighter Financial Disclosure Rules

Bi-annual peeks into councilmembers' finances could be ahead

Vincent Orange: The Post Did Me Wrong

Vincent Orange has an unlikely beef with the Post

Ethics Board Wants New Digs

After a year that saw the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability investigating nearly a quarter of the D.C. Council, the agency now says it wants to move where the action is: the Wilson Building.
BEGA's 2013 ethics report comes loaded with wonky advice about revolving-door personnel rules and whether lobbyists should serve on District boards. [...]

Wells Proposes Amendments to Campaign Finance Bill

The D.C. Council is set to vote tomorrow on Kenyan McDuffie’s government reform bill. But first, Tommy Wells says he'll be introducing three amendments aimed at beefing up the legislation.
“Right now, it’s easy for an incumbent to call organizations or companies that have business under us, either as a ward member or an at-large member, and [...]

Ethics Board Gives Mendelson the OK on Pepco Shares

Phil Mendelson: D.C. Council chairman, straw hat enthusiast, and lately, Wall Street player. LL wrote earlier this month about Mendelson's roughly $200,000 worth of shares in oil companies, and now the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability has weighed in on another part of Mendelson's portfolio. Though the chairman has around $17,500 in shares in Pepco, [...]

D.C. Council Votes to Censure Barry, Despite Opposition From Orange, Evans, and Graham

The full D.C. Council voted 9 to 4 this afternoon to give Marion Barry his second Council censure and recommend that he lose his committee, despite attempts by some councilmembers to water down the punishment recommended Monday by an ad hoc committee that looked into it.
Next, Council Chairman Phil Mendelson will put his own [...]

Marion Barry’s Twitter Account Goes Rogue

Marion Barry has gone through plenty of transformations throughout his career, from Pride Inc. firebrand to Newt Gingrich's unlikely pal. But tweets from Barry's Twitter account in response to this morning's Council panel recommendation that he lose his committee chairmanship may have inspired the mayor-for-life's most unlikely persona yet: Marion Barry, stickler for the rules.
Someone with access to Barry's Twitter [...]

Council Report on Marion Barry Set to Drop Monday

Hey, remember Marion Barry? Four-term mayor turned Ward 8 councilmember, took $6,800 in gifts from city contractors? The fight over the Large Retailer Accountability Act has made it hard to keep track of the mayor-for-life's latest ethics mess, but he'll be back in the news Monday, when the D.C. Council committee that was created to [...]

Barry’s Bills

The District's Board of Ethics and Government Accountability fined Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry $13,600 earlier this month for accepting two gifts from city contractors worth $6,800. They'll have to get in line.
That's because Barry's finances, after years of missed tax filings and garnishments, aren't exactly booming—he reportedly accepted one contractor's gifts to cover hill [...]

Former Anita Bonds D.C. Council Employee Files Ethics Complaint

A former staffer for D.C. Councilmember Anita Bonds has filed a complaint with the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability protesting the reasons why she was fired last Thursday.
Cierra Robinson was fired, multiple sources tell LL, over issues involving requests for her to work on Bonds' campaign for the April special election while working in the [...]