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Jim Graham Not So Good At Reporting Possible Illegal Activity

Councilmember Jim Graham certainly ain't no snitch.
In 2009, his then-chief of staff Ted Loza dropped an envelope on Graham's desk at the Wilson Building filled with $2,600 in cash from a taxi lobbyist working undercover for the FBI. Graham turned the money down and would later say he thought the offer was "radioactive" at the [...]

District Bizarrely Trying to Keep Already Public Records Confidential

Last week the Washington Post editorial page posted two internal reports on the city's politicized contracting process for the D.C. lottery. The reports were done by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer's top former internal investigator, Robert Andary. After the Post story ran, LL posted the investigator's notes Andary had used to write his [...]

More Weird Details on Lottery Contract

The Washington Post editorial page is first out with new details of a hitherto-confidential investigation into the messy world of the D.C. Lottery contract. The investigation, conducted by the District Chief Financial Officer's top watchdog back in 2008, has been walled off from public view by a protective order in the wrongful termination lawsuit brought [...]

Metro Report Dings Jim Graham

An independent investigation commissioned by the Metro board of directors has found that Ward 1Councilmember Jim Graham violated Metro's code of conduct when he served on the board.
The investigation, done by private law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, says Graham, former chairman of the Metro board, broke Metro rules in two ways. One: Graham created [...]

House Oversight Committee Probing Gandhi, Former Employees Say

The U.S. House committee tasked with oversight of the District government is taking a close look at the D.C. Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi's office, according to former OCFO employees.
The attorney for Eric Payne, the former contracting officer who has sued the city over allegations that he was fired for resisting political pressure over the [...]

Gray to be Deposed Today on Lotto Contract Case

Today will be a rough one for Mayor Vince Gray. Jeanne Harris is expected to plead guilty to campaign fraud and conspiracy. Court records will likely provide more details about what she did, setting off a fresh new round of questions about what exactly went on during Gray's 2010 mayoral run and what exactly did he [...]

FBI Seeking Records in Lotto Contract, Attorney Says

The FBI has subpoenaed documents related to the D.C. lottery contract from a former employee who is suing the city because he says he was unfairly fired for protesting the process by which the contract was awarded, according to that employee's lawyer. The FBI's interest in the lotto contract could signal that the ongoing federal [...]

Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos Subpoenaed in D.C. Lottery Case

The epic tale of the D.C. lottery contract just got a little weirder: the District government has subpoenaed former President Bill Clinton and ABC newsman George Stephanopoulos as part of a civil case brought by a former city employee who says he was unjustly fired for protesting the lotto deal.
That employee, Eric Payne, just won [...]

Mayor Gray Ordered to Talk on Lotto Case

A federal judge has ordered Mayor Vince Gray to give a deposition in a lawsuit over the lottery contract, dismissing Gray's objections that it would be an "undue burden" for him to take part.
Judge Richard Roberts upheld a previous court ruling ordering Gray to be deposed in Eric Payne's wrongful termination case. A former city official, [...]

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Former Fire Chief Suing City

Harry Thomas Jr. Not Going Away

Good morning sweet readers! [Low whistle] Seven years in federal [...]