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Enter Washington City Paper‘s 2012 Election Prediction Pool

Election Day is nearly here—in D.C., after all, we've been voting for more than a week already. And what first Tuesday after the first Monday in November would be complete without an election prediction pool?
Enter our (mostly) local pool to pick who will win various D.C. Council races, the presidential election, and two Maryland ballot [...]

Smooth Operator

Well, that was fast.
Last week, LL had his hopes up for an epic political punch-off between the boring but likeable Phil Mendelson and the loud, proud, acquired taste of Vincent Orange for the D.C. Council chairman’s seat. Now it looks like Mendo will win it easy in November. God of exciting political campaigns, why has [...]

Where the Special Ballots Were

The final count for the Democratic primary for the at-large D.C. Council seat now held by Vincent Orange won't be back for 10 days, because election officials have to tally up 3,830 absentee ballots. Also waiting to be counted: Provisional ballots, ballots cast "curbside" by disabled voters, and some absentee ballots that were mailed out [...]

Republican Reboot

This we know for sure: Exactly a year from next Tuesday, D.C. voters will head to the polls and vote overwhelmingly in favor of re-electing President Barack Obama.
What’s still unknown is whether Mitt Romney, or Herman Cain, or whoever the GOP gets around to nominating, will have any company on a losing local ticket that [...]