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Candidate/Mayor Vince Gray on 2010 Campaign: “I’ve Said What I’ve Said”

A day after announcing plans to run for re-election, a testy Mayor Vince Gray repeatedly refused to answer any questions about his scandal-plagued 2010 campaign at a press briefing this morning, or even to point to specific policy accomplishments of his administration.
"I've said what I've said," Gray responded curtly to a question about his 2010 election [...]

Welcome, Republican Overlords

LL had the honor of telling Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton that his Twitter account was telling him the House had officially flipped and was now in the control of the GOP.
"Surprise, surprise," she said.
But relax, Norton said, all is not lost.
"I have absolutely no reason to believe that this is an automatic swing against everything [...]

Vince Gray Wins (Probably)

The latest batch of numbers from the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics haven't been uploaded into their computerized count yet, but reporters camped out at the office are saying they're enough to call the election. So we'll leave a little bit of wiggle room and say this:
Barring some unexpected change, Vincent Gray has won [...]

Gray: Keep Polls Open

Vincent Gray's campaign just released its formal request to the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics to keep polling places open until 10 p.m. tonight—two hours later than scheduled—because of some reports of problems with machines this morning. By 1 p.m. today, Gray aides told the BOEE, they'd received 120 complaints.
"The reports we have received [...]

Democracy Threatened By Missing Seal!

The Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE) says that the voting problems that have shown up at several places around the District are, in part, due to good old human error. BOEE spokeswoman Alysoun McLaughlin says problems emerged after some poll workers forgot their training, something that's particularly problematic as the city [...]

In Ward 4, Light Turnout Early Tuesday

After I voted this morning, I chatted with a couple of campaign volunteers outside Ward 4's Precinct 45, the Metropolitan Police Department's school safety division headquarters at 8th and Shepherd streets NW.
Here's what they had to say about election day so far:

Fenty on Voting Problems: “I Don’t Know Anything About It”

As Vincent Gray's campaign ponders whether to request extended voting hours tonight because of reported problems with machines at several polling places, Mayor Adrian Fenty is greeting voters at the 4th District MPD headquarters on Georgia Avenue NW, a Ward 4 polling place.
City Paper's Jason Cherkis, who's following Fenty today, grabbed him to ask about [...]

Gray: “How Many Voters Have We Lost?”

More and more reports are trickling in about problems with voting machines around the city this morning—and Vincent Gray isn't happy about it.
"I am fired up about it," he tells LL, riding around the District with the Gray convoy as the D.C. Council chairman visits polling places. The situation is teetering on the edge of [...]

Finally, Fenty Votes For Himself

Mayor Adrian Fenty is already off schedule and running late to vote at his precinct. Here's what he missed: A woman exiting a cab exclaiming that cabbies are giving free rides (!) to Gray voters, a trash truck honking at Gray supporters, a woman shouting nonstop for Gray (and Mendo, too).
Fenty's interview on Morning Joe [...]

Gray Has Problems Voting

LL reports Vincent Gray has voted (presumably, for himself) at his precinct in Ward 7—where the scanner didn't initially accept his paper ballot. Gray says the situation is "unbelievable," and that machines should have been tested and ready to go by last night.
"It just puts a cloud over everything when you have glitches like this [...]