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Affordable housing advocates want a new plan. [Post]
Jack Evans says his rivals aren't reporting all of their expenses. [LL]
Tommy Wells likes sailing, and other Tommy Wells facts. [Post]
D.C. Council mulls tax commission's "service tax" recommendation. [NBC 4]
Eleanor Holmes Norton wants new security clearance procedures after Navy Yard shooting. [WAMU]
Mixed-use development construction in Southwest starts next month. [DCist]
The only [...]

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Eleanor Holmes Norton pitches eliminating 30-day congressional review period. [WAMU]
Anita Bonds-backed property tax breaks for seniors pass first vote. [LL, Post]
Marion Barry to meet with candidates courting his endorsement—but not Andy Shallal. [LL]
Jim Graham no fan of rats. [LL]
Jack Evans tries to redirect money away from Howard Town Center. [Housing Complex]
"Living wage" for city contractors finally gets an increase. [Post]
Council [...]

D.C. Won’t Get Caught in Another Shutdown This Fiscal Year

The shutdown deal passed in Congress yesterday only keeps the federal government running until Jan. 15, meaning the country could be only three months away from another shutdown. A potential future shutdown then would be easier on the District, though, because, the deal includes a special provision to allow the District to spend its own funds [...]

Vince Gray Crashes Harry Reid’s Press Conference

Vince Gray and Eleanor Holmes Norton held a press conference in front of the Capitol today to urge the Senate to pass a bill to fund the District during the government shutdown. When his own press conference ended, though, Gray had an idea—why not make it two?
So the mayor and Norton, followed by their entourages and reporters, [...]

Shutdown Fight Makes Strange Bedfellows for Gray and Norton

This afternoon, Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a bill over Democratic objections that would appropriate money to keep the District government running during the shutdown. That's as far the bill will go, though. Opposed to "piecemeal" bills that get around the shutdown's effects, the White House says Barack Obama won't sign the bill.
That's awkward [...]

Norton Opponent Lino Stracuzzi Courts Voters’ Sweet Tooths

The District's mayoral hopefuls were out in force at Saturday's Ward 8 Democrats meeting, with Jack Evans, Muriel Bowser, and Tommy Wells each making an appearance. Even Reta Lewis was there—her campaign has apparently invested in some Lewis-branded water bottles since LL last checked in.
While the aspiring mayors hustled for votes, only one candidate had people lining up to see him. [...]

Ex-Norton Aide Switches Party Registration, Declares for At-Large Race

The 2014 at-large D.C. Council race will get its first challenger Saturday when Robert White, a former aide to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, kicks off his campaign as an independent candidate.
White, a 31-year-old Brightwood Park resident, left his job as Norton's policy aide after five years to run for the seat. White tells LL he was [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton Would Vote Against Attacking Syria, If She Could

While the Obama administration tries to lasso House and Senate members for an attack on Syria, there's one person they won't have to worry about swaying: District Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who doesn't have a vote. If she did, though, they'd face an uphill push to get her support.
"At the moment if they said, 'Eleanor you [...]

Morning Links

Post investigation finds delinquent tax liens auctioned off, with homeowners losing their properties for as little as $134. [Post]
Auctions were plagued by suspicious bidding. [Post]
Mayor Vince Gray calls investigation's findings "unacceptable." [Twitter]
Department of Health proposes 24-hour tattoo waiting period. [City Desk]
Nearly 350 DCPS teachers get late or incorrect paychecks. [Post]
Colby King: Jeff Thompson is "toast." [Post]
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton expects more progress [...]

Ward 8 Activist James Bunn Will Be Honored With Street Name

Mayor Vince Gray will ask the D.C. Council to honor deceased Ward 8 activist James Bunn by renaming a street after him, the mayor announced at Bunn's memorial service today.
Gray's request, if successful, would change Esther Place SE at the intersection with Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue to Bunn Street. Gray also awarded Bunn with [...]