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Forrester Construction To Pay Feds $2 Million Over CBE Fraud

A settlement will end an ongoing investigation into its practices.

D.C. Set to Sue Construction Firms Over Alleged Fraud

City sources tell LL that District Attorney General Irv Nathan's office is set to file a lawsuit soon—possibly Wednesday—against two construction firms that teamed up to manage construction of Anacostia High School.
The lawsuit will allege that Rockville, Md.-based Forrester Construction and nominally D.C.-based EEC of D.C. conspired to defraud the District government through a phony [...]

D.C. Council Asks, David Forrester Mostly Doesn’t Answer

David Forrester, the president of a Rockville-based construction company that bears his family name, had a chance today to explain to the D.C. Council what exactly happened during the construction of Anacostia Senior High School.
By now you all know that LL has previously written how Forrester allegedly used an allegedly local company as a [...]

Council Blocks Payment on Anacostia High School Contractor, Will Hold Hearings

During a legislative meeting yesterday, the D.C. Council blocked additional payments of at least $2 million to the contractors who managed the renovations at Anacostia Senior High School after several councilmembers questioned why the extra costs were needed. Councilmembers also said they needed to find out more about the joint venture that was supposed to [...]