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Bowser’s Fire Department Pick Pitches Himself as the Anti-Ellerbe

New fire chief plans to focus on ambulances

Firefighters Stay Out of Attorney General Race, Back Silverman for At-Large

Count one more organization confused about how the District's first elected attorney general fits into city politics. The union that represents D.C. Fire and EMS personnel will be sitting out the attorney general's race, according to union president Ed Smith.
“We don’t fully understand the role of the attorney general's role in labor yet," Smith says.
The International [...]

Fire Union Finds Evidence of More Weird Ambulance Maintenace

On Wednesday, D.C.'s Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department admitted that four of its ambulances had been repaired in July with "no parking" signs instead of heat shields. In a press release, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander described the technique, charitably, as "unorthodox." But traffic signs might not be the only makeshift heat shields in [...]

Four D.C. Ambulances “Repaired” With Parking Signs

At least four District fire department ambulances were "repaired" by replacing their heat shields with no-parking signs like the one above, Deputy Mayor Paul Quander is expected to acknowledge in a statement this evening.
Two of the ambulances have already been repaired, Quander says in a release. The clumsy repairs were made in July.
The news comes [...]

Fire Proof

Mayor Vince Gray has not been shy about firing high-ranking officials when they become inconvenient. The mayor’s former chief of staff, Gerri Mason Hall, was gone after only three months, forced to take the fall for hiring little-supported-mayoral-candidate-turned-FBI-witness Sulaimon Brown. Former Department of Employment Services Director Rochelle Webb was shown the door a few months [...]

Fire Department Report Silent on Mechanical Issues

Below is Deputy Mayor Paul Quander's report on what happened two weeks ago when no D.C. ambulances could be found to transport an injured police officer to the hospital. Most of the contents of the report, which say that three ambulance units were improperly out of service, were leaked earlier this week. Quander's report says [...]

Mystery Deputy Fire Chief Blamed for Faulty Reserve Fleet Info

In case you missed it, Fox5's Paul Wagner reported yesterday on the firefighter union's claims that Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe had submitted faulty information to the D.C. Council about the state of the department's fire trucks. The union says several of the trucks Ellerbe told the Council were part of the department's reserve fleet had [...]

Why So Many Broken Ambulances?

District officials are currently investigating why no D.C. ambulances were available to transport a seriously injured police officer near the intersection of Benning Road SE and East Capitol Street to the hospital last Tuesday. One possible reason: the city's fire department has a lot of broken ambulances.
The city is supposed to have 39 ambulances available [...]

Shorter Firefighters Shifts Still a Ways Off, Like Maybe Forever

One of the lone bits of non-Sandy D.C. news today was the Washington Times' story about an arbitrator finding that Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe had retaliated against fire union boss Ed Smith.
Retaliating public safety bosses is old hat in D.C., so the chances of this story going anywhere are slim. But it did remind LL [...]

Did Fire Chief Tell Firefighters Not To Misbehave at Mayor’s Speech?

Unless you're a Washington Post print subscriber, you may recall that a couple of weeks ago about 100 firefighters stood up and turned their backs toward Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe in an act of insubordination meant to express their displeasure with how Ellerbe is running the department, including his decision to outlaw the "DCFD" logo.
Someone [...]