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New DYRS Director Shakes Up Top Staff

New director promises no favoritism in personnel decisions.

Jilted Ward 4 Residents Aim to Make DYRS Group Homes A Campaign Issue

Because of nearby drug dealers, Ward 4 resident Melissa Quick doesn't let her daughter hang out in front of their Petworth home. Now, she's worries that their backyard won't be safe either. Quick thinks they could build an addition over the back of the house; her husband wants to get a Doberman pinscher.
The Quicks and dozens [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Guns, Flags, AGs, and Congressional Pleas Edition

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Good morning Washington! Your normal LL, Alan Suderman, is off this week. News time...
A Busy Day at the Wilson Building: Members of the D.C. Council had plenty on [...]

Robert Hildum Out (Again) At DYRS; Agency Gets New Interim Director

Robert Hildum is out again as DYRS' Interim Director. Hildum had announced his resignation last week. Almost Mayor Vincent Gray then asked him to stay on–apparently after Hildum had boxed up his stuff. Now, a few days later, Hildum is out again.
Today, Neil Stanley, DYRS' general counsel since 2008, has been brought in as DYRS' [...]

In Final Act, DYRS Chief Slams Washington City Paper Sources!

Yesterday Robert Hildum announced that he would be stepping down as DYRS' interim director. Before the announcement became public, Hildum sent along an e-mail to staff thanking them for their hard work. He wrote: " There is no easy way to tell you all but I have decided to return to OAG....I have treasured this [...]

DYRS Chief Wonders if D.C. Should Let Kids Flee

In the past few months, the Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services has faced overcrowding at New Beginnings, an increase in commitments, and continued scrutiny from plaintiffs attorneys in the class-action Jerry M case.
Interim Director Robert Hildum may be feeling the pressure. On December 2, Hildum sent out an e-mail to his senior staff in which [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Post Payback Edition

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Ron Moten for Council?

School Reform: Summed Up Nicely by Our Friends in Taiwan

Good morning sweet readers! Well, it's [...]

Peter Nickles Likes the Caps Button

If past statements are any indication, D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles is out of a job once the new mayoral regime takes power. He could also be in trouble with his profession, as Nickles is being investigated by the D.C. Bar in connection to a potential conflict of interest.
If [...]

Washington Post Says We’re Confused

Worried about $400,000 of District money disappearing into the pockets of the Peaceoholics, a non-profit with close ties to Mayor Adrian Fenty? Don't be. The Washington Post reports everything is fine. Though Washington City Paper earlier reported that two city officials told that the Fenty administration wanted to quietly pass money to the organization, [...]

The Undecided: I Am a Peaceoholic Edition

Today’s Event: When it comes to Peaceoholics, Mayor Adrian Fenty ain't sweating the details. He tells a local community organizer he's sure Peaceoholics works because “I’ve met the kids, I mean, I don’t need any statistics." I wonder if he's interviewed the kids sitting in jail awaiting murder trials who've gone through a Peaceoholics [...]