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Cabbies join the Teamsters. [WAMU]
Vince Gray is scheduled to meet D.C. GOP tomorrow, Republican head promises "treats, not tricks." [Post]
Environmental review pushes back M Street bike lane. [WAMU]
Bike Association files a FOIA to find out more. [WABA]
United Medical Center needs pricier patients. [WBJ]
WCP's Aaron Wiener dropkicks Height Act traditionalists. [Housing Complex]
Vince Gray's re-election decision as extended Halloween [...]

Precinct Reshuffle Could Mean Long Walks for Voters

Earlier this month, a representative from the D.C. Board of Elections came to a Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting to explain the BOE’s new voter precinct plan. The reaction came quickly: The commission didn't like it.
“Isn’t this somehow counter-productive as hell to get people to vote?” says 2B06 Commissioner Mike Silverstein.
Silverstein and other commissioners [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Recycled Cat Poop Edition

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Money Man Sitting Out 2012 Election, So Far
Harry Thomas Jr. Speaks, On Twitter

Good morning sweet readers! LL will buy [...]