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Ballot Initiative Would Mean Drug Tests for Mayor, Councilmembers

Put down that J, councilmember.

The Practical Guide to D.C. Marijuana Decriminalization

Ward 6 councilmember Tommy Wells' bill decriminalizing possession of marijuana possession passed the D.C. Council this afternoon on a 10-1-1 vote. Next it's headed to Mayor Vince Gray, who's expected to sign it.
On the macro level, Wells says this should reduce the damage of racially disparate enforcement of the city's marijuana laws. On the micro level, though, [...]

Weakened Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Passes First Vote

People in the District could soon only face a fine for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, under legislation that the D.C. Council approved on first reading today. Anyone smoking pot would have to stay indoors or risk arrest, though, according to an amendment made to the bill before the vote.
The amendment, proposed by [...]

Wells, Mendelson Set to Clash Over Decriminalization Bill

Ward 6 councilmember and mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells' marijuana decriminalization bill has enjoyed an easy ride through the D.C. Council so far, but that could change at tomorrow's Council meeting. Chairman Phil Mendelson has prepared an amendment that, if it's passed, could cause Wells to stop supporting his own bill.
Mendelson's amendment would leave smoking marijuana in public [...]

D.C. Moves Closer to Decriminalizing Pot

The fine for getting busted with pot after the District decriminalizes the drug would now be a little cheaper, after the bill proposed by mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells passed the D.C. Council judiciary committee he chairs with a lower fine for possession attached.
Wells says he decided to lower the fine from $100 to $25 after considering [...]

Marijuana Referendum Flyers Double as Joint Roaches

Tommy Wells' marijuana decriminalization bill looks set to pass the D.C. Council when the body reconvenes in the fall, but for some local pot activists, decriminalization doesn't go far. Instead, they're gathering signatures to put a referendum to legalize marijuana on the ballot next year. But what good is your should-be-legal pot if you can't [...]

Vince Gray, Language Law Scofflaw?

Mayor Vince Gray's walk to oppose synthetic marijuana sales in Petworth last week was sidetracked when Gray encountered a store clerk who said he didn't speak English. How, Gray wanted to know, could the man help customers if he couldn't even speak English? Now language activists at Many Languages One Voice have produced a video where [...]

High Hopes: How the District Government Got So Mellow About Pot

Paul Zukerberg just couldn’t get any respect.
The defense attorney-turned-D.C. Council hopeful built his campaign for last April’s at-large election around decriminalizing marijuana. Instead of winning supporters, though, his campaign inspired people to call him and ask him to sell them pot. Apparently, a candidate talking about smoking marijuana was just too ridiculous.
“People called me Old [...]

Mayor Gray, Drug Warrior

There's an old maxim in politics: When the going gets rough, it's time to get tough on immigrant convenience store clerks. Especially those who speak limited English and sell rolling papers and individually wrapped cigars to pot smokers in a poor part of the city.
That was today's agenda for Mayor Vince Gray, whose political career [...]

Vince Gray Just Says No

LL couldn't resist tagging along for this item on Mayor Vince Gray's schedule today:
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.: Drug Paraphernalia Sales Press Conference and Neighborhood Walk-Through
RE: Mayor to Visit Neighborhood Merchants & Discourage Sales of Drug Paraphernalia
The Bunn Building
3127 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE (press conference location; event will be followed by visits to [...]