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D.C. Suing Don Peebles

Updated, 6 p.m.

Still Mayor Adrian Fenty may be coasting to the finish line, but his attorney general sure isn’t. Today’s big news is that AG Peter Nickles has filed a lawsuit against super-developer and super Fenty-basher Don Peebles. Nickles is alleging that Peebles’ MLK Associates was trying to get the city to pay for $1.25 [...]

Breaking: Nickles Suing Peebles Over False Claims

Breaking news this morning: Attorney General Peter Nickles is suing super-developer Don Peebles for allegedly trying to bill the city for $1.2 million in "improper charges," some of which included "political contributions and champagne and valet parking for a Miami fundraiser," the AG's office says in a statement.
The complaint says Peebles' MLK corporation, which owns [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Birthday Edition

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Gray's Revised Town Hall Schedule
Catania Gets InTowner, Real Housewives Endorsement

Good morning sweet readers! Today is LL's birthday. His [...]