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Don Graham Endorses Muriel Bowser in Mayor’s Race

Graham family patriarch says he made his pick based on schools.

Morning Links

Tommy Wells grills fire officials over Medric Mills death at hearing. [NBC 4, Post, WTOP]
Pot legalization referendum will fight for a spot on the ballot this morning at the Board of Elections. [WAMU]
Judge: housing homeless families in rec centers breaks privacy rules. [Post]
Vincent Orange wins support from grocery workers' union. [LL, Post]
Orange and his prolific candidacies get the Post profile [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton, Media Critic

There have been a lot of anguished open letters to new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, but Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has a much simpler message for the Amazon CEO: Don't mess it up, nerd.
In a statement on the sale, Norton runs down a list of things she's sure Bezos already knows about running the Post. She's so certain [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Marshall Brown Edition

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The Last Post on The W Hotel

Good morning sweet readers! On Fridays, LL's boss cruelly likes to ask LL what his plans are for the weekend, [...]

Marion Barry to Post Edit Board: Drop Dead!

Yesterday the Washington Post editorial board opined that Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's proposal to limit cash welfare payments to five years was a "conversation worth continuing." It's not every day that the Post writes semi-nice things about Barry or one of his proposals—so it's a bit of a head-scratcher that the day before the [...]