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DPW Kept Indicted Employee on Staff for More Than a Month

Employee allegedly took more than $40,000 in tow truck kickbacks

Muriel Bowser’s Laissez-Faire Approach to Enforcing Snow Laws

A blizzard of bad decisions

The Snow Has Melted, But Will D.C. Voters’ Hearts?

Bracing for the first snow emergency of his administration last week, Mayor Vince Gray said he had made one thing clear to the heads of the District Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works.
“If we mess up with the snow,” Gray said, “don’t call me for a recommendation for your next job.”
DDOT head [...]

How the Snow Could Affect the D.C. Mayor’s Race

While city work crews sprayed bridges with an anti-icing mixture of beet juice and brine ahead of Wednesday night's snowstorm, Vince Gray engaged in some press conference punnery about how he wanted his administration's snow work to be remembered.
"I hope they will say Gray had a snow...ball," Gray said.
Ouch, Mr. Mayor. But Gray knows that any [...]

Vince Gray Takes Out the Trash

Vince Gray is really getting the hang of the whole shutdown mayor thing. After keeping the city operating despite the federal government shutdown, Gray has told Department of Public Works garbage collectors to start picking up trash in the city's federally owned parks.
The city won't be collecting trash at barricaded national monuments. Instead, the garbage [...]

Parking Sign Ambulance Repairs Were Made by Department of Public Works

At last, the mystery of who thought it was a good idea to repair ambulances with "No Parking" signs has been solved. The unorthodox repair methods were done by mechanics at the Department of Public Works, according to Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander.
"I think they were trying to be creative," Quander said.
The irony, of [...]

Wilson Building Carsharing Spaces No More (Update)

Update below — When the topic of Navigatorgate came up at this week's second-most awkward mayoral press briefing, Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis had a helpful question/suggestion for Mayor Vince Gray: Why not expand the District government's carsharing program known as "DC Fleet Share"? Sounds good, right? Save money while potentially avoiding embarrassing scandals like [...]