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Audit: School Modernization Agencies Broke Rules, Didn’t Keep Track of Money

Audit finds cost overruns, lax oversight

Judge Blasts “Oblivious” Office of the Attorney General

A Superior Court judge has trouble trusting the District's Office of the Attorney General to prosecute its cases fairly, according to a stinging court order issued earlier this month.
The order from Judge Stuart G. Nash aims to put an end to the attorney general's case against John Barbusin, an sergeant in the District's Protective Services Police Department who [...]

Case Against DGS Official Dismissed Because Prosecutor Not “Ready”

An update to yesterday's post about J.W. Lanum, the procurement boss for the Department of General Services, who police say was found passed-out drunk in a running car outside the Reeves Center during the middle of a workday.
Lanum's case went to trial today and was dismissed because the Office of the Attorney General was "not [...]

Senior DGS Official Charged With DUI

J.W. Lanum, who oversees contracting and procurement for the multi-billion dollar D.C. Department of General Services, is due in court tomorrow to face a charge of drinking while driving, court records show.
According to police records, a Department of Public Works traffic enforcement official found Lanum asleep at the wheel of an illegally parked car with [...]

Council Blocks Payment on Anacostia High School Contractor, Will Hold Hearings

During a legislative meeting yesterday, the D.C. Council blocked additional payments of at least $2 million to the contractors who managed the renovations at Anacostia Senior High School after several councilmembers questioned why the extra costs were needed. Councilmembers also said they needed to find out more about the joint venture that was supposed to [...]

14th and Blue

Pity the poor ghost of Frank D. Reeves.
Reeves was a prominent attorney who helped successfully argue for the desegregation of public schools. He advised President John F. Kennedy on minority affairs. He was the first African-American nominated to serve on the Board of Commissioners, the precursor to the D.C. Council, and the first African-American Democratic [...]