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Wells Supporters Tell Republicans, Independents to Switch Parties for Primary

Thanks to the District's overwhelmingly Democratic voter base,  the 2014 mayor's race will probably be decided in the April 1 Democratic primary. That's not good enough for some independent and Republican supporters of mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells, who have started urging their fellow non-Democratic District residents to join the majority party in time to vote for [...]

The Hacks’ Moment: D.C. Democratic Party Insiders Get to Pick a Councilmember

D.C. has never been much of a machine-politics city. In other one-party towns, members of ruling party’s hierarchy snag plum patronage jobs, anoint elected officials, and do their scheming in the (formerly) smoke-filled back rooms of fancy headquarters buildings. But in the District, whose political structure dates to the reform-minded 1970s rather than Boss Tweed’s [...]