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Dear Votemaster: If You Vote With a Special Ballot

My residency has changed in the past couple years. I think that my voter registration is in order, but what can I expect at the polls on Tuesday from voting officials in case they need to verify my identity and residency?
First off, you can check your voter registration against the D.C. Board of Elections and [...]

Dear Votemaster: More on Early Voting, Checking Voter Registration

I hear there are more early-voting centers opening up this weekend. Where are they located?
That's right: If you don't want head down to One Judiciary Square (441 4th St. NW) to cast an early ballot, four additional early-voting locations will be opening up on Saturday and will remain open through the Sept. 14 primary vote. [...]

Dear Votemaster: Is There a Paper Trail?

Dear Votemaster: I still don't trust those blasted electronic voting machines!

Is there a paper ballot I can use to ensure my vote is counted during the upcoming primary?
A reasonable concern, at least for anyone who's ever had their electronic equipment go haywire on them for no reason at all (and yes, we're talking about [...]

Dear Votemaster: What’s Up With Early Voting?

With changes initiated by the Omnibus Election Reform Act of 2009, D.C. voters will be confronting a few new ballot procedures and ways to ease the voting process for the upcoming Sept. 14 primary. Early voting will start Monday!
Between now and the primary, we'll explore a number of questions we think many voters will have [...]