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Permit Expediter Accused of Paying Off DCRA Staffers With ‘Lunch Money’

That's a pricey "lunch."

Allen Asks DCRA to Investigate Trump Hotel Sign

Trump trumped by a councilmember?

Vincent Orange Gets Rolled at His Own Committee Meeting

VO gets PO'ed.

Morning Links

Arbitration board backs fire department's new work schedule. [Post]
Cooperating with the feds doesn't keep Jeff Thompson too busy to hang out with Robert Griffin III. [LL]
Here's what the driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants will look like. [Post]
City could be on the hook for $60K after ANC recording disappears. [LL]
The April 1 primary had really, really bad turnout. [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Guns, Flags, AGs, and Congressional Pleas Edition

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Good morning Washington! Your normal LL, Alan Suderman, is off this week. News time...
A Busy Day at the Wilson Building: Members of the D.C. Council had plenty on [...]