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Kaya Henderson’s Calendar: Fundraising, Fundraising, and More Fundraising

The DCPS chancellor has hit the fundraising circuit, where she has many of the same backers in the world of school reform as her predecessor Michelle Rhee.

Bowser, Racine Continue Fight Over DCPS Food Settlement

Food settlement leaves mayor with a bitter taste in her mouth.

Nonprofits With Racine Ties Benefit in Chartwells Settlement

Muriel Bowser's office is reviewing settlement terms.

Grosso Launches DCPS Food Service Investigation

Food vendor will pay $19.4 million.

Kaya Henderson: Wilson High Principal’s Firing “Final”

Kaya Henderson says she won't reconsider principal's fate.

Fired Wilson High Principal Blasts DCPS in Letter

Principal made news by coming out as gay

Morning Links

GAO rejects budget autonomy referendum. [City Desk, WAMU, Post, Times]
Fire lieutenant on leave during investigation into man's death outside fire station. [Times, Post]
DCPS was warned about cheating, didn't do much about it. [AP, Post]
Post ed board: fire department is "a national embarrassment." [Post]
April primary candidates face off in Sixth & I Synagogue forums. [LL, Post]
Walter Reed development gets HUD blessing. [...]

David Catania, Media Critic

David Catania isn't the first councilmember to tangle with Washington Post editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao. He may be the first, though, to compare her to the title character in The Wizard of Oz.
For those who missed the movie or James Franco's 2013 prequel, Catania provided a recap at today's education committee hearing. The wizard—"a harmless, elderly illusionist," per Catania—was [...]

School House Blocked

Fingers tented under his chin, David Catania is listening. He’s heard about how fingerprinting aimed at detecting sex offenders scares well-meaning parents away from schools, and about classrooms where the Internet is too slow for their new computers. Now, at a meeting on education in Ward 7, he’s hearing a Woodson High School senior read [...]

Morning Links

Less than half of D.C. public school students in closed schools re-enrolled. [WAMU]
Chartered, Jeff Thompson's former company, settles a potentially $30 million bill for $8.4 million. [WBJ]
Beer lot plan backed by the mayor's son earns harsh words from police chief Cathy Lanier. [Post]
Public school teacher salaries lead charter school equivalent. [Post]
Ribbon cut on new Dunbar High [...]