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Morning Links

Thieves steal two computers and a camera from Councilmember David Grosso's home. [AP, Post]
Office of Campaign Finance investigates donations to Jack Evans' constituent service fund. [LL, Post]
Deputy fire chief demoted over parking sign repairs to ambulances. [Times]
Are new school renovations worth it? [Housing Complex]
Marijuana activist withdraws his ballot initiative temporarily after opposition from Attorney General Irv Nathan. [WAMU]
D.C. plans to open [...]

Parking Sign Ambulance Repairs Were Made by Department of Public Works

At last, the mystery of who thought it was a good idea to repair ambulances with "No Parking" signs has been solved. The unorthodox repair methods were done by mechanics at the Department of Public Works, according to Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander.
"I think they were trying to be creative," Quander said.
The irony, of [...]

Fire Union Finds Evidence of More Weird Ambulance Maintenace

On Wednesday, D.C.'s Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department admitted that four of its ambulances had been repaired in July with "no parking" signs instead of heat shields. In a press release, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander described the technique, charitably, as "unorthodox." But traffic signs might not be the only makeshift heat shields in [...]

Morning Links

D.C. struggles under paramedic shortage. [AP]
Fire department says it will start hiring civilian paramedics. [Times]
M Street NW bike lane sets up fight between church, cyclists. [Housing Complex, Post]
Blogger goes to ANC meetings so you don't have to. [City Desk]
Thefts on Metro are increasing. [WAMU]
American University bans outdoor smoking. [WTOP]
D.C. schools adopt the Common Core. [WAMU]
NSA mix-up [...]

Four D.C. Ambulances “Repaired” With Parking Signs

At least four District fire department ambulances were "repaired" by replacing their heat shields with no-parking signs like the one above, Deputy Mayor Paul Quander is expected to acknowledge in a statement this evening.
Two of the ambulances have already been repaired, Quander says in a release. The clumsy repairs were made in July.
The news comes [...]

Deputy Mayor Won’t Rule Out Sabotage in Ambulance Fires

Relations between fire department brass and the rank-and-file are so bad that Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander has called in the police.
Quander has asked the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate whether anything "untoward" lead to two ambulances catching fire yesterday. Speaking to reporters this morning, Quander poked around the possibility of intradepartment sabotage without [...]

Fire Chief Dodges Reporter

Fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe should take a lesson from Councilmember Vincent Orange: running from reporters doesn't make for flattering video. Fox 5 has the latest in the embattled chief's dodges from the press, with Ellerbe avoiding questions from reporter Paul Wagner for half a block on U Street.
In the clip, Wagner asks Ellerbe when he'll [...]

Fire Department to Spend $182K on Vehicle Audit

The District's Fire and EMS Department will spend $182,880 figuring out just what's going on with its vehicle fleet, the department announced today. The 60-day audit, led by D.C.-based firm BDA Global, will establish a maintenance schedule and other practices for the fleet.
That hasn't always been easy task for the fire department. In March, Chief [...]

LL Reads Dennis Rubin’s D.C. Fire So You Don’t Have To

LL spent the weekend with D.C. Fire, the memoir/textbook from Adrian Fenty-era fire chief Dennis Rubin. What mysteries about public safety circa 2007-2010 would be revealed?
As it turned out, not much. Rubin's book, which is meant to teach fire officials how to deal with crises, totally avoids one of the biggest scandals of his term: [...]

Pro-Fire Chief Rally Draws Small Crowd

With Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh demanding his resignation and Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells slamming his performance, you might think Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe doesn't have much support left in the city. And judging by today's Wilson Building rally in support of him, you'd be right.
The demonstration, organized by Ward 5 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Ronnie Edwards and [...]