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Michael Brown’s Magic Money

The next set of D.C. campaign finance reports are due in two days, and it looks like former Councilmember Michael Brown could be reporting a tidy haul.
Brown doesn't have a figure of how much he's raised immediately available, but he's been on a fundraising tear this last week.
Brown says he was in Los Angeles on [...]

Video: Vince Gray Is Delighted to See Jeff Thompson

If you haven't read it yet, this week's column is about the highly unusual financial relationship between Jeff Thompson, the alleged financier of the "shadow campaign" federal prosecutors say helped Mayor Vince Gray win election, and David Wilmot, one of the city's top-paid lobbyists.
In the piece, LL shows how Thompson's money was routed through Wilmot's [...]


David Wilmot and Jeff Thompson have long been two of the most influential men in District politics. Wilmot is one of the top-paid lobbyists in town, able to command monthly retainers of up to $10,000 from blue-chip clients like Walmart, AT&T, United Healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industry. He’s a near-constant presence at the Wilson [...]

Medical Bills

It’s the end of an era: The lucrative forays by a handful of politically connected lobbyists and businessmen into providing healthcare for the District’s poor and most vulnerable are coming to a close.
On Monday, city officials announced that they were close to selling Chartered Health Plan, a Medicaid managed care organization that serves 110,000 low-income [...]

Jeff Thompson Has No Worries

For a man at the center of a wide-ranging federal investigation into a vast shadow campaign prosecutors say helped Mayor Vince Gray win the 2010 election, Jeff Thompson sure doesn't look too worried.
At least he didn't two weeks ago, when he sat for a lengthy deposition as part of an ongoing legal battle over a [...]

Jeff Thompson Part of Small Group That Gave to Gray’s Cousin

Jeff Thompson, the D.C. Medicaid contractor who allegedly funded a $650,000 illegal shadow campaign and gave more than $40,000 in straw donations to help get Vince Gray elected mayor in 2010, was part of a small group of Gray associates who donated to a Maryland campaign by the mayor's cousin.
In late 2007, Maryland Del. Jim [...]

The End of the Politically Connected Medicaid Money Makers?

An accountant and a lawyer—both among the most politically connected this town's ever seen, neither with any background in health care—made small fortunes off of city's Medicaid contracts for the poor and disabled. Now, both of them, within weeks of each other, have announced they are getting out of the health care business. What the [...]

Lobbyist David Wilmot Selling Group Homes

David Wilmot, one of the District's best-connected lobbyists, is getting out of the group home business that has caused him so much bad press.
Wilmot said today at a council hearing that he's "winding down" Individual Development Inc., the non-profit, publicly funded organization that runs several group homes for the District's developmentally disabled. "We're going out [...]

Loose Lips Daily: You Should See What Advantaged Looks Like Edition

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Dear Readers-
Next week, Washington City Paper is going to start changing the way we create and you receive our various newsletters, including this one. LLD is going to become part of something [...]

Alexander Survives Ballot Challenge

Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander has avoided the embarrassing, but not necessarily fatal, spectacle of failing to qualify for April's ballot.
The Board of Elections and Ethics ruled today it that it didn't find any "substantial evidence" of rule-breaking by the Alexander campaign, only a "sloppy nature" by which it gathered the signatures necessary for Alexander [...]