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Fauntroy Supporters As Confused As Anyone By His Disappearance

Where in the world is Walter Fauntroy?

Muriel Bowser’s Ward 4 Pick Rakes in Campaign Money

Green Team looks to hang on to the Ward 4 seat.

Morning Links

Inspector General Charles Willoughby retires. [LL, Post]
One of lobbyist David Wilmot's clients liked him enough to give him a Bentley. [LL]
Vince Gray administration tries to move budget autonomy lawsuit into federal court. [Post]
Two people shot at the National Zoo. [Times, WAMU]
Get ready to replace your District driver's license. [City Desk, Post, WAMU]
Ralph Nader can't stop West End Library development. [Post]
Petula Dvorak: Homeless need [...]

One of David Wilmot’s Clients Really, Really Liked Him

Businesses hoping for the services of Wilson Building mega-lobbyist David Wilmot can expect to pay for it. In just the last six months of 2013, Wilmot collected thousands of dollars each in monthly retainers from six clients, including the likes of Walmart, Anheuser-Busch, and pharmaceutical trade group PhRMA. Another client, though, has helped the District superlawyer in a [...]

Yvette Alexander Throws a Deep-Pocketed Fundraiser for Gray

Heads up to city bigwigs hoping to hop aboard the Vince Gray Reelection Train: you'll want to get your checkbooks ready for Jan. 29. That's the day Ward 7 Councilmember and Gray backer Yvette Alexander is throwing a fundraiser for for the mayor, themed around his shutdown policy that "everyone is essential."
Of course, for a campaign that's reportedly trying [...]

Morning Links

United Medical Center overhaul plan would cost hundreds of millions. [WBJ]
Federal judge jokes about getting Mayor Vince Gray in court, Ron Machen and mayor not laughing. [Post]
David Wilmot earns his Walmart lobbying check. [WAMU]
Congressional review for budget autonomy could run out July 23. [Times]
Washington dialect exists in linguistic netherworld. [WAMU]
Cabs will start turning red [...]

Meet the Mystery PAC Backed by Jeff Thompson and David Wilmot

The chairman of a political action committee with ties to embattled businessman Jeff Thompson, who is at the center of a federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign, says he had no knowledge the PAC had raised and spent money over several years last decade, raising questions about the legitimacy of the organization's [...]

D.C. Politicos Raising Money for Virginia’s McAuliffe

One declared mayoral candidate and one potential mayoral candidate are set to join forces tonight to help Democrat Terry McAuliffe raise some money for his Virginia gubernatorial campaign. McAuliffe, a former Clintonista and head of the Democratic National Committee who bombed when he ran for Virginia governor four years ago, is in a closely watched race with Republican Ken [...]

Will D.C. Walmarts Get Higher Minimum Wage?

Fans of channel 13: set your clocks for tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.
That's when a D.C. Council committee will take up a bill that would force big-box retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Target to pay workers a minimum wage of $11.75 an hour.That's $3 an hour more than the District-wide minimum wage of $8.25 [...]

Michael Brown’s Magic Money

The next set of D.C. campaign finance reports are due in two days, and it looks like former Councilmember Michael Brown could be reporting a tidy haul.
Brown doesn't have a figure of how much he's raised immediately available, but he's been on a fundraising tear this last week.
Brown says he was in Los Angeles on [...]