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Any Merit to Bonds Ex-Staffer’s Complaint?

A few weeks ago, LL reported that a fired staffer for Councilmember Anita Bonds had filed a complaint with the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability over issues involving requests for her to work on Bonds' campaign. There's been no public movement from the ethics board since then, and Bonds' office says the complaints from the [...]

Former Anita Bonds D.C. Council Employee Files Ethics Complaint

A former staffer for D.C. Councilmember Anita Bonds has filed a complaint with the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability protesting the reasons why she was fired last Thursday.
Cierra Robinson was fired, multiple sources tell LL, over issues involving requests for her to work on Bonds' campaign for the April special election while working in the [...]

Evans and Barry Really Want to Be Delegates to Dem Convention

Councilmembers Marion Barry and Jack Evans aren't leaving much to chance in their efforts to try and secure spots as delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte later this year.
On Saturday, District Democrats will vote to fill 14 delegate slots (for the full details of the complicated way the District's 44 delegates get chosen, [...]

Democratic State Committee: We Have No H.Q.

Three times LL has written that the D.C. Democratic State Committee's headquarters is in the basement of Executive Director David Meadows's home.
That's apparently one time too many for Meadows, who never said boo the first two times LL wrote it, but now wants a correction to the latest mention (from Tuesday's LL Daily).
"The D.C. Democratic [...]

Is Gray Already Throwing His Weight Around?

UPDATE: Gray campaign spokeswoman Traci Hughes left a message with LL saying the almost mayor "had absolutely no indication—no influence, nor did he persuade Juan concerning his decision with the D.C. State Democratic Committee."

Who wants some super inside baseball?
Juan Thompson, a Ward 7 member of the Democratic State Committee (the group of 82 super Dems [...]

Error! Mendo Gets More Non-Binding Votes Than Previously Reported

Breaking news: Ward 5 Democrats can't count!
Everyone in town, including LL, reported that At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson received only 250 votes at last night's Ward 5 straw poll, because that's what organizers announced. Now it turns out he actually received 350 votes (though results are still unofficial).
But those 100 votes still don't change the hilarious [...]