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FreshPAC Donors, Bowser Pal to Fundraise for Alexander

Green Teamers turn out for Alexander

Read: More Email Madness

As promised, here's some more semi-interesting emails that have been released as part of the council's investigation into the Gray administration's hiring practices.
It's A Media Emergency

In January, Gray confidant Lorraine Green wrote to the mayor's spokeswoman telling her that the Gray family needed a media training session—stat. Turns out Carlos Gray, the mayor's son, was [...]

Certified Disaster

Pick a scandal that involves District taxpayers getting screwed, and there’s a healthy chance you’ll find some form of abuse of the Certified Business Enterprise program.
The District, like many jurisdictions, has a well-intentioned and very politically popular law that gives certified small, local, and disadvantaged businesses (known as CBEs) preferential treatment when bidding on city [...]