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Tommy Wells takes reporters to Maryland hotel housing D.C. homeless families. [Post]
Gray spokesman calls Wells' event a "shameless political stunt." [WAMU]
David Grosso backs challenger to Jim Graham. [LL, Post]
D.C. unemployment rate hits 8.1 percent. [WTOP, Post]
Fire department investigating man's death in front of fire station. [WJLA]
Post ed board: what to do with embattled Options Public Charter School? [Post]
Officials "break ground" on [...]

Grosso Endorses Graham Challenger Brianne Nadeau

This should make for some awkward encounters around the Wilson Building. At-Large Councilmember David Grosso tells LL that he's endorsing Ward 1 challenger Brianne Nadeau in her bid to unseat incumbent Jim Graham.
"It’s not normal for councilmembers to endorse people who are running against their colleagues," Grosso says.
Grosso says he chose to support Nadeau instead of fellow challenger Bryan Weaver because [...]

Morning Links

Vince Gray says sorry for the shadow campaign...not that he had anything to do with it. [WUSA9, LL, Post]
Former Brooklyn library director will lead D.C. system. [Post]
Encylopedia Mendelson and the Case of the Missing Tusks [Times, LL, Post]
Homeless activists want housing guarantee to go on the ballot. [LL]
More on David Grosso's pitch for expanding the District's medical marijuana program [Times]
Foggy [...]

Morning Links

David Catania and schools chancellor Kaya Henderson spar over middle schools. [Post]
Options charter scandal gets a new allegation. [Post]
Post ed board surveys mayor's race, leaves Vincent Orange off list of "capable" councilmembers running. [Post]
David Grosso wants a larger list of medical conditions eligible for marijuana prescriptions. [WAMU]
Vince Gray trash-talked in rap. [LL]
Jonetta Rose Barras: candidates lack education ideas. [Post]
The Rock Creek Park deer [...]

Council Passes Meter Contract, Despite Opposition from Orange and Campaign Donor

How much could $43,000 in political donations get Rockville's WorldWide Parking in its contract fight with Xerox over the District's parking meters? As it turns out, not much. The doomed attempt to stop Xerox from winning the District's $33 million parking meter contract went down 11-2 in the D.C. Council today, garnering nay votes only [...]

Council Passes Resolution Against Pigskins’ Name

So much for Dan Snyder's lobbying efforts. Despite the Washington Pigskins owner's attempt to rally the team's fans into contacting councilmembers, the D.C. Council passed a resolution this afternoon asking the organization to change their name because it's a racial slur for Native Americans.
The legislation passed with ten votes, with Councilmember Yvette Alexander voting present. Vincent [...]

Open and Shutdown Case

Two weeks into the federal shutdown,things are getting strange. Mayor Vince Gray held a press conference on the Senate lawn, then marched across the street and tried to take over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s own press event—after one of the mayor’s staffers feverishly circulated a background quote that Councilmember David Grosso should put down [...]

Open Government

When Mayor Vince Gray met the members of the D.C. Council for breakfast last week, there was more on the agenda than bacon and eggs. City Administrator Allen Lew was there with a PowerPoint presentation of bad news: Thanks to Republican refusals to fund the federal government without crippling the new health care law, the [...]

Council Votes Again to Push the Attorney General Election to 2018

In 2010, 90,316 District residents voted to put D.C.'s first elected attorney general on the ballot in 2014. Today, seven members of the D.C. Council voted to postpone that election until 2018. Guess which vote trumps the other?
Today's vote, the second successful vote on the bill, sends the bill Mayor Vince Gray for his signature. [...]

District’s Shutdown Plan Is “Idiocy Of Immense Proportions,” Says Former U.S. Attorney

A little law-breaking can be contagious. Mayor Vince Gray risks violating the Anti-Deficiency Act if he keeps the entire city government running during a shutdown without the feds' approval, but he's not alone. D.C. Council chairman Phil Mendelson is set to introduce his own bill Tuesday to keep the city running. Councilmember David Grosso, meanwhile, says the District should build [...]