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Muriel Bowser Crushes David Catania to Win Mayor’s Race

Muriel Bowser takes it in a walk

Marion Barry Looks for Bowser Votes, Sticks by Promise to Kick David Catania’s Ass

If only Marion Barry was running, says Marion Barry.

Winning Streak on the Line, Catania Gives Himself Even Odds

The candidate says he hasn't lost a race since the third grade.

Bowser Outraises Catania 3-to-1 in Final Days of Campaign

Lorie Masters puts a last-minute $45K into her campaign

Catania Mailer Ties Barry to Bowser

David Catania's rump figures prominently in mailer

Trio of Mystery Signs Appear Before Election Day

Last call for illegal campaign signage

Mayoral Power Rankings, General Election: Week 8

Boo! It's Mayoral Power Rankings.

Ron Moten Sues David Catania for Defamation (As Promised)

He did warn him.

Ron Moten Video: “Catania Got Too Many Mood Swings”

"Vote for Bowser this Tuesday, Catania got too many mood swings."

Seeing Green

Would-be Mayor Muriel Bowser, the Democrat, has a big lead on independents David Catania and Carol Schwartz.